1. Peace of mind and a great way to protect your customers systems from spreading transmissible diseases

    Who’d have thought that exit systems would one day really be a potential ‘health issue’…? The idea that you can pick a potentially life threatening disease by simply touching a button is something that just a few years ago seemed totally ridiculous. But with Covid less in the news nowadays, and the devastating effects still with tens of thousands of people, we're all being encouraged to take personal responsibility. Now, we’re learning about ‘Monkey Pox’, which is on the news bulletins every day and the health risks and the ease of transmission. One way our industry can help is providing simple solutions that help minimise risk and certainly help in the reduction of easily transmissible diseases.


    And so let’s take a quick look at some ‘covid busters’ or in proper industry speak ‘touch free exit buttons’.

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  2. New Low Cost Delivery Option

    New Low Cost Delivery Option for orders under £50 net



    Let’s be honest, none of us like paying exorbitant delivery charges for the products we need. It always seems worse when we want to buy a low cost item and the cost of delivery can make it totally uneconomical. And if you start to search elsewhere for a ‘Free delivery’ option, the product price is usually priced a lot higher, or is not in stock. Frustrating, totally frustrating.


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  3. Access Control – Everything you need to know

    Being in control of who and when someone enters your premises is at the core of your property or site safety.

    You may hear the term access control used to describe cyber security, but what about your physical security? Physical access control systems are used across a huge range of businesses, organisations and institutions, from schools and offices to security gates and turnstiles.

    Access control systems are often installed to protect premises from theft or vandalism, or for places that require higher levels of security or safeguarding. They can use a range of products and accessories to fit each organisation’s needs so there is a solution for everyone.

    Thanks to advancements in technology, access control can even be programmed using wireless cloud software, giving you unparalleled a

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  4. Comparison Chart: Lock Releases Available from Door Entry Direct

    Lock Releases from Door Entry Direct


    There is no one size fits all when it comes to an installation, and lock installations are no different; certain features may be essential on one job, but not on the next.


    We aim to make life easier for our installers, and here we have picked out and compared some select locks from two of the most popular brands that we carry: CDVI and Dorcas.


    It can be a challenge to determine exactly what lock you need for a particular installation, and which attributes you require. Dorcas helpfully uses part numbering to help you to easily determine which features a product has, for example:


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  5. Hands-free Wi-Fi Monitor Comparison

    Hands-Free Wi-Fi Monitors


    Wi-Fi monitors are popular with end-users, especially in flats and new builds. Customers expect modern equipment that make their lives easier and integrate with their devices. 

    Tech is embedded in daily life, and people want the freedom to control their activities via a single device - Wi-Fi enabled monitors are a great tool to do so. Customers can download the accompanying app to speed up install. The app will also enable users to configure their system to their preferences. The app is easier to browse through rather than a physical monitor. This makes things easier for both the end-user and installer. 

    Supported by call forwarding and mobile applications, Wi-Fi monitors provide flexibility.

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  6. Case Study: Bespoke Panel for Link IT Solutions Ltd.

    Bespoke Panel Coating from Door Entry Direct


    Door Entry Direct’s bespoke panel coating service is available on all of the Vandal Resistant (VR) range. Our VR panels are manufactured in-house at our production facility in Park Royal, West London. Made from 2.5mm BS316 Stainless Steel, they are vandal-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and weatherproof.

    The bespoke service is designed to allow you to fully customise your panels, in colour, or with any images. From screws, buttons, through to braille, and full-colour name & logo engraving, you can create some stand-out designs that are built to last.

    Link I

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  7. Using IP door entry systems

    Using IP Door Entry Systems


    What is an IP system? 

    An IP system is a door entry system which communicates on a network. Wiring is simplified as everything in the system is wired to a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch which supplies the data as well as the power. This wiring is done by Network cable (CAT5/6 cable) and terminated via an RJ45 plug.


    What is the difference between an IP system and a 2-wire system?  

    The difference lies in the way they communicate, devices communicate directly based on a Point-to Point infrastructure. An IP system is

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  8. New Year, New Business with 2-Wire Systems: A Door Entry Kit Comparison

    New Year, New Business with 2-Wire Systems: A Door Entry Kit Comparison




    Two-wire door entry systems are becoming increasingly popular with installers who seek a quick and easy install compared to traditional-wired systems on the market. Given the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we acknowledge all those who may want to be on site for as little time as possible.


    There are a number of reasons why two-wire systems are easy to install:

    • If there is an existing installation in place, you can replace with a two- wire or traditional five-wire system. If your existing installation is a two-wire system, then you keep the original wiring. Traditional wiring requires more cabling.
    • If you existing
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  9. Case Study: Fermax 2-Wire DUOX system for Nottingham retrofit

    Case Study: Fermax 2-Wire DUOX system for Nottingham retrofit

    Case Study: Flamingo Court, Nottingham

    Fermax 2-Wire DUOX system used for major Nottingham retrofit

    Fermax Professional | FERMAX

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    In 2018, one of our major suppliers,

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  10. Case Study: Fermax London Residential Development

    Case Study: Fermax London Residential Development

    Case Study: Otter Close, London

    Fermax London Residential Development

    Fermax Professional | FERMAX

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