1. Door Entry Direct is open for business

    Door Entry Direct and Trade Counter open for business

    We know this is a challenging time for many in our industry. Door Entry Direct is no stranger to overcoming challenges so we have implemented some minor changes to ensure business still runs smoothly and safely. You will find that we are mostly business-as-usual!

    We are still open for business. There are many ways that you can still receive your goods: 

    • We encourage you to continue using Door Entry Direct online. There are no interruptions to delivery to your home or office.
    • Email [email protected] to order, check stock or make an appointment to collect
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  2. Door Entry Direct Training Centre

    Door Entry Direct Trade Training Centre

    We have collated a list of training videos, webinars and guides designed to help the door entry trade. These come from from our own library and industry partners. It is encouraging to see how many companies are ramping up their training material. There is plenty of new and refreshed material available so we will be updating this on a regular basis.

    There has never been a better time for tradespeople to dust up their skills and cultivate new knowledge to help them hit the ground running when we are business-as-usual. Door Entry Direct is the UK's #1 largest stocked range of door entry systems and expertise. Our mission is to help installers gain new business by making their lives easier with the largest door entry stock and unmatched support.

    Upcoming Webinars of interest

    Door Entry Direct updates this list daily so make sure to check in regularly! We recommend

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