Our Customer Care Programme




There a lots of great door entry and access control companies offering some excellent products, and getting to choose which company is right for your business can sometimes be a time consuming and difficult decision.

Door Entry Direct have the widest range of products in the UK and 'in stock' right now, with next day delivery as standard. Couple that with the most competitive pricing available, and add in our '4.8' Trustpilot score for customer service - and that's the most compelling package in the industry.

But Door Entry Direct isn't just a distributor with the best package. We're a manufacturer too, which gives us a unique insight into what customers really want.










Our aim is to offer a truly comprehensive service proposition, offering complete solutions to your business, whatever its shape, or its size.

Put simply, that means outstanding service and expertise are key to a great customer experience with us; we don't shoehorn products into customers, and we spend as much time as is needed to really understand your project needs and identify additional sector specific challenges to offer added value and resilience.






We believe that when choosing a distributor, you're not only selecting a supplier, but rather a business partner that can work with you as your business changes and grows.

Our customer care team work closely with all other departments to ensure that all customers experience the very best levels of service. We also record and manage any issues that may arise during the sales process and help with any enquiries or technical support issues you may have about the equipment you have purchased.




Any business can promise the earth when it comes to customer service and customer care programmes - but what's the reality? And in reality...how does that work? Any customer care programme relies on independent feedback. That's why we choose Trustpilot as our independent customer review paltform.

Our results are consistently outstanding. In fact, they are the best in the industry, simple as that. Couple with that, the best pricing and the best stock availability, then you begin to see why installers and businesses everywhere choose Door Entry Direct as their partner of choice.


Customer promise


>     competitive advantage we'll help your business gain a competitive advantage, through the best pricing in the industry

>     overcoming challenges we'll help you through techinical issues, with our technical support team and our supporting documentation

>     increase productivity we'll deliver your goods next working day, which helps increase workflow and reduces costs


Our customer promise is available free of charge to every single customer, and is our bench mark customer service promise.




Customer care programme 


your own dedicated named support team   Benefit from your own named support team that get to understand your business and build genuine relationships with high levels of staff availability and direct contact details      
specialist welcome team   Dedicated team that ensures a real welcome personally handling the onboarding of new customers      
next day national delivery   For all orders, as standard, anywhere in the UK (excludes the Highlands and Islands)      
technical helpdesk   Help and technical support with step by step guidance      
tech review days   Personalised events where we can review your projects and show case the latest products and how your business can benefit      
foreign language support available   If English is not your first language, we offer additional language support for a number of different languages including: Polish, Spanish, Portugese, Romanian, Armenian and Iranian      
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