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Create the perfect panel for the job

  • Customise your panel's finish, colour, size, buttons, screws, and more... Go that extra mile by adding text, braille, or logos to the design

  • Adding custom features will add character to your door entry panel, but it won’t add any time and hardly any cost

  • Built with super durable BS316 Marine Grade Stainless-Steel, they are vandal-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and weatherproof.

  • SRS Bespoke Stainless-Steel Vandal Resistant Door Entry Panels are manufactured in-house at our production facility in Park Royal, West London.

Bespoke vandal resistant panel examples

What are the Lead Times?

We pride ourselves on super-fast delivery. Our normal leads times are:

Vandal Resistant Panel Lead Times

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  • Popular vandal resistant panels 2 working days
    • This includes the major brands (Aiphone, Bticino, Comelit, Fermax, Hikvision etc.)
    • All stainless-steel panels in the range up to 10 buttons and digital call panels
    • The super-fast range includes panels with the following options
      • Access keypad
      • Access control proximity reader cut-out (40 x 40 mm)
    • Larger, less popular vandal resistant panels for our stocked brands 6 - 8 working days.
    • Bespoke designed (for you) vandal resistant panels up to 600 x 300 mm 11 – 13 working days


    • Standard vandal resistant panels – 2 working hours
      • Normally sent as part of the system quotation
    • Bespoke Panels – 16 working hours
    • Note:: this may be extended depending on the complexity of the bespoke request


    Our standard range of vandal resistant panel templates are available on For bespoke panel drawings:

    • For orders
      • 8 working hours.
      • Normally we will have provided a drawing prior.
    • For quotations
      • 16 working hours
      • Note:: this may be extended depending on the complexity of the bespoke request

    Note:: All lead times start once the drawing has been confirmed (signed off).

    Delivery - Standard Vandal Resistant Panel:

    • Standard panels in stock
      • 2 working days
    • Standard panels out of stock
      • 5 working days
    • Note:: if ordering a quantity over 5, a new lead time for large orders will be advised

    Delivery - Bespoke Vandal Resistant Panel:

    • Bespoke panels
      • 11 - 13 working days
    • Note:: this will increase if coupled with PanelMatch services, or if it requires mechanical engraving

    What format is required for images or logo?

    Full details below:

    • PNG format
    • White background
    • 300 dpi resolution
    • Filename must be in English

    What is the minimum size SRS can make a vandal resistant panel?

    The minimum size depends on the audio / video camera (a/v) units being used within the VR panel. The a/v units are the largest component and therefore dictate the size the door entry panel can be. The smallest are usually around 100mm square.

    Contact Us with your requirement and we will confirm ASAP.

    What is the maximum size SRS can make a vandal resistant panel?

    Without using external suppliers to make larger sizes the biggest vandal resistant door entry panels we provide are 600 x 300 (h x w mm), however we can make any size within reason.

    Any size above 600 x 300 mm will need to be specially produced which increases the lead time and price of the panel.

    Braille Service

    • Compliant with the Equality Act 2010 (formerly the DDA / DDA compliant).
    • Provide text for the Braille you require. A drawing will be provided for your approval
    • Manufacturing lead time up to 2 days and usually completed without delay to our standard range.
    • Find out more: Braille Service

    What font do DED supply for engraving?

    The full range of available fonts is found on under the fonts section.

    If your customer requires a font that is not on the list, they must provide the Microsoft Font File they require.

    What special size proximity reader cutout can DED supply?

    DED produce panels with 40x40mm cut-outs as standard. This is the industry standard and most panel mount readers are 40x40mm.

    If you have a request to fit a 3rd party reader to our panel the customer will need to supply the datasheet for the reader. In some cases, your customer may need to supply the reader itself for us to work out the best way to fit this to the panel.

    Note:: ideally the reader must be panel mount as standard.

    If the reader is not panel mount the only option would be to surface mount the reader on the panel. We do not advise this option if the 3rd party reader is not vandal resistant. In this instance you will need to supply us with the datasheet for the reader. Having received this, we will supply the quote and template or request more information if required.

    Special Colours and finishes.

    We can provide any colour finish to:

    • the entrance panel plate
    • button(s) (whole or surround or both)
    • Panel plate fixing screws

    The colour or finish can be defined using CMYK or an image provided by you. For PanelMATCH finishes the lead time is PLUS 5 working days.

    What is PanelMATCH?

    PanelMATCH is a unique process only available at Door Entry Direct. The process allows us to produce any stainless-steel panel (up to 600 x 300 mm) with a vandal resistant colour finish.

    What is RAL?

    RAL is a colour matching system which defines colours for paint, coatings and plastics.

    The RAL standard is admini­strated by the RAL Deutsches Institut für Güte­siche­rung und Kenn­zeich­nung, located in Bonn (Germany).

    Below is our RAL colour availability table and lead times

    Vandal Resistant Panel RAL Options Lead Times

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    For any enquiries around the bespoke panels, speak to our expert team for more information!

    Prefer to call? We are available Mon-Fri, 08:00 - 17:00.

    Call us on 0208 621 6210

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