the ultimate colour matching system for door entry panels




Our customers love it. Just imagine being able to offer a door entry panel in the colour of choice, and one that doesn't cost a fortune too! That's why we created PanelMATCH.

Your choice of colour...and you can even specify the button and screw colours too.






As well as perfect colour matching, we also offer a unique palette of swatch colours that are closely matched to recognised industry colour systems.

But if you're looking for something a little more bespoke and unique, and have a colour that you need to match then we offer a professional colour mix and match coating service.






Our PanelMATCH colouring system can easily be matched. We can add any colour you like to virtually any panel you like.


Whatever the colour...

 ...whatever the reason


We are widely known for being experts at colour matching, and for a quick and efficient turnaround. Our colour matching is done on site using the latest computer controlled coating systems. Our PanelMATCH colour coating system can be offered in both superior matt and superior metallic finishes.





   panel engraving in black

>     panel engraving in colour

   logo in single colour

>     logo in full colour

>     full colour panel coating

>     full colour panel with colour image

>     full colour display with push buttons

   full colour panel screws

>     braille application service







>     same day in-house colour matching

>     we can match from any of the professional traditional colour ranges

>     developed with the most environmentally friendly credentials

>     designed to withstand heavy pollution in city areas

>     designed to withstand extreme weather conditions including costal regions

>     logo engraving and image coating available too





standard matt coatings


superior matt coatings




superior metallic coatings



Although we make every effort to match these colour swatches as closely as possible, due to limitations in screen technology we cannot guarantee an exact colour representation match to that shown on your screen.

We cannot be held responsible for any colour issues, as the layer and texture of a surface, and indeed the type of panel, can change the appearance of the final colour. Other factors that can affect the colour appearance may include the type of coating chosen and nearby coloured surfaces and lighting.

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