the ultimate colour matching system for door entry panels


Our customers love it. Just imagine being able to offer a door entry panel in the colour of choice, and one that doesn’t cost a fortune. That’s why we created PanelMATCH.

Your choice of colour and you can even specify the button and screw colours too.


whatever the colour...

=== woman image ===

...whatever the reason

=== PanelMATCH image ===


Our PanelMATCH colouring system can easily be matched to all the professional colour systems. We can add colour to virtually panel you like.

We are widely known for being experts at colour matching, and for a quick and efficient turnaround. Our colour matching is done on site using the latest computer controlled systems.

same day in-house colour matching   === Panels image ===
we can match from any of the professional traditional colour ranges  
developed with the most environmentally friendly credentials  
tested and proven in heavy polluted city areas  
tested and proven in the most extreme weather conditions including costal regions  
logo engraving and image paneling available too  
=== Holding Panel image ===     panel engraving in black
      panel engraving in colour  
      panel logo in black  
      panel logo in colour  
      panel with colour buttons  
      panel with colour screws  
      panel with braille  
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