Comelit-PAC launches Mini & SE Cubes plug-and-play access control

Comelit-PAC launches Mini & SE Cubes plug-and-play access control

23rd May 2023

The Mini Cube and SE Cube

The powerful and secure hardware solutions that host the PAC Access Central™ and Easinet residential™ software.


Comelit-PAC have recently launched the Mini and SE Cubes.

These compact, preconfigured industrialized machines come with preinstalled software and have been meticulously designed to provide users with a seamless plug-and-play experience, offering a simplified and efficient approach to access control management whether it is for a new system or migrating to an existing one.


The differences between the Mini Cube and the SE Cubes:

Pre-configured Cube with Access Central™ Mini


Pre-configured Cube with Access Central™ SE


Pre-configured Cube with EasiNet™ Res SE


Pre-configured software Pre-configured software Pre-configured software
Supports up to 20 doors, 4 CCTV feeds and 1000 keyholders Supports up to 250 doors and 20,000 keyholders Designed specifically for the residential market
Supports Advances Access Control features such as Guard Tour Supports all the advanced Access Control features you would expect for mid-range installation Offers a simplified interface for ease of use, while still providing the same powerful hardware and software capabilities as the PAC SE Cube with Access Central™
Ideal for small commercial installations Ideal for small to medium commercial installations Offers remote management capabilities, so you can easily manage and monitor access activity from anywhere
Future proof – free software updates Future proof - Free software updates Future proof - Free software updates


Advantages of the Mini and SE Cubes


  • Simple and cost effective: Mini & SE Cubes provide a simple-to-install and cost-effective solution for access control. With their plug-and-play design, they eliminate the complexities associated with traditional setups.
  • 24/7 Peace of Mind: Designed to run continuously, Mini & SE Cubes ensure uninterrupted access control, offering peace of mind for the users.
  • Dedicated PC Benefits: These compact devices provide all the advantages of a dedicated PC, including multi-language support. Users do not need to worry about administrative rights, firewall settings, or other IT-related concerns typically associated with generic machines.
  • Secure Access Control: With the Mini & SE Cubes, customers can effortlessly manage access permissions, ensuring enhanced security for their premises.
  • Scalable Solutions: As part of PAC's product portfolio, the Mini & SE Cubes offer scalable solutions, making them suitable for various applications, from small offices to large commercial complexes.


Compatibility and Functionality:


Mini & SE Cubes are specifically engineered to provide 24/7 connectivity to PAC access control hardware.


They offer a seamless integration with PAC Access Control or Easinet Databases, utilizing a built-in configuration wizard.


Users have the flexibility to either build a new database or migrate existing databases by using backup files, such as PAC Access Central Database Backups or iPAC Easinet Residential database backups.




Included Components:


When purchasing Mini & SE Cubes, customers can expect the following components to be included:


  • Industrial Machine: These compact industrial machines are designed to ensure reliable and continuous operation.
  • Power Cable: An accompanying power cable facilitates easy connectivity during installation.
  • Preloaded Software: The cubes come with preloaded software, eliminating the need for separate installations.
  • Mini Preloaded License: The Mini Cube includes a preloaded license, enabling immediate usage.
  • SE License Activation Required: The SE Cube requires users to activate the license before utilizing its full functionality.

The Mini & SE Cubes by Comelit-PAC present a streamlined and efficient approach to access control.


These compact industrial machines, with their plug-and-play functionality, provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for both new and existing access control systems.


With 24/7 operation, dedicated PC benefits, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with PAC databases, the Mini & SE Cubes are an ideal choice for customers seeking scalable and hassle-free access control solutions.