Bticino is the global door entry systems brand of Legrand. With a huge R&D backup and global reach Bticino is a powerful force worldwide, but not so well known in the UK. 

In cooperation with Legrand, Door Entry Direct bring you the vandal resistant panel range in modular form.  Bticino 'Robur' range door panel modules are combined with stainless steel to create this range.  This means faster lead times and reliable Bticino electronics.  Call it 'Bticino Inside', if you like.

The vandal resistant panel range is constructed from BS316 stainless steel (even the back box) and is designed and manufactured right here at Door Entry Direct. Therefore, not only are the panels super secure but they can be laser engraved (for FREE) as well if you need to add a personal touch. Check out the ranges:

Bticino Vandal Resistant Panel Ranges

Note: nn = 01 - 16 buttons

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