Flexible and Affordable Access Control Solutions with the 511 DCi from PAC

Flexible and Affordable Access Control Solutions with the 511 DCi from PAC

25th May 2023

Effective access control is crucial for maintaining security and protecting assets within buildings and premises.


The 511 DCi is a one door IP Access Controller security device from PAC, this device offers a comprehensive security solution and is specifically designed to control access to single-entry points like doors or gates in a building or premises.


With its advanced features and flexible installation options, the 511 DCi delivers cost-effective and reliable access control, making it an ideal choice for professionals in the industry. 


Powerful and Environmentally Friendly


One of the standout features of the 511 DCi is its powerful yet environmentally friendly 3A Power Supply. This feature eliminates the need for additional costs associated with powering different types of locks.


Whether you have magnetic locks, electric strikes, or other types of locks, the 511 DCi can handle them all without requiring any extra investments.


This not only makes the installation process simpler but also contributes to a more cost-effective and energy-efficient solution.


Flexible Integration and Compatibility


The 511 DCi seamlessly integrates with the PAC eco-system, offering full compatibility with other PAC devices and solutions. This integration ensures a smooth and efficient access control system that can be easily customized to meet specific requirements.


Whether you're installing the 511 DCi as part of a new system, expanding an existing one, or retrofitting an outdated access control setup, you can rely on its compatibility with other PAC products.


This flexibility allows professionals to leverage the benefits of the 511 DCi for a wide range of installations and configurations.


Enhanced Security Features


Security is paramount when it comes to access control, and the 511 DCi delivers on this front. It supports a wide range of ID Credential and Reader formats, including PAC Ops TM, a leading secure technology that is resistant to cloning.

This ensures that only authorized individuals can gain access to restricted areas, providing peace of mind for building owners and occupants.


The 511 DCi also offers "One Touch Test" functionality, allowing rapid and efficient commissioning by a single engineer. This feature saves time during the setup process, ensuring that the access control system is up and running smoothly.


Reduced Installation Costs


The 511 DCi brings significant cost savings to the table, particularly for prewired buildings or those requiring the replacement of existing access control systems. Its design and features enable fully distributed, semi-distributed, or centralized hardware configurations, or a combination of all three on a single system.


This flexibility reduces the need for extensive rewiring or infrastructure changes, resulting in reduced installation costs and minimized disruptions to the premises. Whether you're a professional installer or a building owner, the 511 DCi offers an affordable solution without compromising on functionality or security.


Reliable and Backed by a Warranty


PAC has built a strong reputation for reliability and high-quality products and service in the access control industry.

The 511 DCi is no exception. With its 5-year warranty, you can trust that PAC stands behind the performance and durability of this device.


This warranty provides an added layer of assurance, giving professionals and customers peace of mind knowing that they are investing in a reliable and long-lasting access control solution.



The 511 DCi from PAC is a powerful and flexible one door IP Access Controller that offers a range of benefits for access control systems.


Its compatibility with the PAC eco-system, reduced installation costs, enhanced security features, and reliable performance make it an excellent choice for professionals in the field.


Backed by PAC's reputation for reliability and quality, the 511 DCi offers peace of mind with its 5-year warranty, ensuring long-term performance and customer satisfaction.


With the 511 DCi as part of your access control solution, you can confidently protect your assets and maintain the security of your facility.