Guaranteed two hour delivery direct to site for in stock products

Partnered with Squick for Your Success

5th January 2023

Customers working within the M25 who order through Squick receive guaranteed 2-hour delivery direct to site 

What is Squick?

Squick is the on-demand delivery app built for the needs of the fire & safety industry – which makes it a great fit for many of our customers too! 

If you’ve ever realised when already on site that you’re missing a key part (or that the one you had was hiding a fault you didn’t know about), you know just how frustrating that can be. 

The first step is always to check your suppliers; who’s close, and who has it in stock? How can you minimise time lost in sourcing the part, especially when you may be working against the clock? 

Even when the part is in stock at a supplier who’s relatively close by, it may not be possible to get your gear safe or loaded back into your vehicle, drive to the supplier, get the part and get back in time to complete the job. 

Even leaving the job site for something like this can result in frustration for some customers, who may feel you’re not giving them the attention they deserve. And that doesn’t even consider the worst case scenario – next-day delivery, which could mean not being able to continue work for over 24 hours depending on timings. 

Squick was designed to creat an alternative to this situation. 

Why use Squick:

We’re happy to announce that Door Entry Direct have partnered with Squick and can use this to provide same day delivery of parts in stock, delivered within two hours of order inside the M25. 

Simply order through the Squick app, on the Squick website, or select the right delivery at the Door Entry Direct checkout page and your new parts will be delivered directly to you on site. 

Delivery is priced at £42.99, VAT inclusive 

Benefits of using Squick

  • Fast Delivery is guaranteed
  • You can save time and money
  • Finish your project without leaving the site

Squick was designed to fit the same role for the fire and safety industry as Deliveroo and UberEats fill for grocery shopping.

If you can have the ingredients for that night’s dinner brought to you in minutes in just a little interaction with an app, why not do the same with work materials? 


Like the team here at Door Entry Direct, Squick wants to make the lives of their customers easier. This isn’t a luxury service; it’s a modern necessity.

When you place your order through Squick, you’ll know your needed parts will be with you very soon. It’s a great way to maintain peace of mind on the job – and without risking cost overruns. 

To find out more, get in touch with our team on 020 8621 6210 or email [email protected]