SRS Standalone Access Control Units

Are you searching for a solution to your access control needs which doesn’t cost the earth? Have you found yourself lost in a market of vast choice, left confused about your options going forward? We introduce you to the range of SRS standalone access control kits.

SRS standalone access control has been designed for simplicity and has two central features, the keypad and the proximity reader. Some kits contain either and some kits contain both.

Choose an SRS access control keypad and available options are:

  • DC60SS- The DC60SS is our bestselling access control keypad for outdoor installation, featuring a modern, vandal resistant design with illuminated buttons.
  • DC260- This standalone door access control unit is suitable for use within small shops, factories or office buildings. These control units are compact in size, the coded access keypad is manufactured from ABS plastic and is designed for indoor use.
  • DC90SS- This product is an upgraded version of the DC60SS. This modern keypad combines digital keypad and proximity reader in one unit. It has been designed for stand-alone access control applications. The device is vandal resistant and weatherproof.

In choosing a standalone access control kit you’ll gain premium security. In choosing an SRS standalone access control kit, you’ll gain premium security at a cost-effective price and from a brand you can trust with years of proven success.

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