Fermax Video Entry Kit

Fermax’s VDS, is a simple digital system that can be used on both Audio and Video. Available as a Skyline modular panel, a Cityline aluminium panel or the Marine VR panel this system keeps all the benefits of your existing door entry whilst adding a modern feel.

The VDS wiring system which makes it ideal for or carrying out replacement works or upgrading from analogue entry to video entry system while making use of existing wires.

The video entrance panels feature a high quality colour camera that can be manually adjusted by 10 degrees at any angle. The built-in LED offers illumination in low lighting condition for better picture quality on video monitor.

The Loft monitor is built from high-impact ABS plastic making it durable and shock resistant. The 3.5" screen provides a clear image from the panel and comes with options to change the contrast and brightness as needed. Additional buttons (F1, F2) control auxiliary functions ranging from operating lights to a panic call button. To make installation even easier extra attachments points have been added for wall mounting.

Ease of use has taken top priority in the design of this monitor. When a call is received, an image is displayed automatically, which ends when the call is terminated. The buttons are clear and intuitive; simply press the key symbol to open the door.

This kit includes:

  • 1 x 1 button Cityline colour video entry panel - (Model F-70707)
  • 1 x Flush mounted box for outdoor panel - (Model F-8851)
  • 1 x Loft colour monitor - (Model F-3305)
  • 1 x Power supply 18 VDC/1.5 Amps and 12 VAC/1.5 Amps - (Model F-4810)

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