Comelit-PAC VIP Training

Comelit-PAC Bitesize Training on VIP Systems

13th September 2022

Module 1: What is the VIP System?

VIP means Video Internet Protocol.

The VIP system is the chosen IP system that Comelit-PAC use for their video door entry systems due to it's high performance technology along with the the ease of a simple installation.


Find out more here: MODULE 1



Module 2: Why choose VIP?


Learn the additional features and functions that comes with choosing the VIP system, along with saving yourself the time and money.

Help your customers to understand the benefits too.


Find out more: MODULE 2



Module 3: Internal units for the VIP


Continue your VIP training and enhance your skills with our third bitesize training module.

Discover the features of the internal handsets and monitors that are used with the VIP system.

Find out more about the MyComelit app and its' benefits.


Find out more here: MODULE 3


Module 4: ViP Manager


Discover the VIP Manager’s dedicated software to provide easy programming– saving time on site.

Learn more about:

  • Group programming
  • Simple commissioning
  • Remote access for maintenance and servicing via the Gateway.


Find out more here: MODULE 4