What's Changed for Fermax DUOX Plus?

What's Changed for Fermax DUOX Plus? 

6th December 2022

The Fermax DUOX Plus is here – and it’s an upgrade! 


The Fermax DUOX is now six years old. 

The first (and, until now, the only) 2-wire video door entry system using digital communication and transmission only was a milestone in the industry at the time – but time moves on, and Fermax are always looking for ways to provide a better experience. 

The DUOX Plus was designed with increased functionality in mind, making life easier for the installer as well as the end user. This is a simple, adaptable door entry system. That’s why we’ve seen so many of the DUOX sold, and we know we’ll see the same for DUOX Plus. 

Additional devices can be added to your door entry system to regenerate the signal, allowing for easy extension and modifications in future, no matter how complex the installation is. 




Advanced DUOX Plus features include:

  • DUOX Plus has a much higher maximum range (cable distance) 
  • Audio and video fidelity has been improved 
  • VEO monitors now available hands-free, using your choice of Wi-Fi and/or DDA functionality 
    There’s no need for dip switches, video switchers, or distributors in the system, which reduces the overall system cost by cutting out extra equipment 
  • Calls can be diverted through the Wi-Fi to the Fermax Blue app (which doesn’t carry an extra cost) 
  • Unlimited system, working on any cable and with any number of entrances and apartments 
  • Built-in capabilities for programming by voice or monitor improves setup time 

DUOX Plus Functionality:

Only the DUOX line operates on 2-wire non-polarised cabling while sharing two simultaneous communication channels on the same trunk through the same cable. 

Why does that matter? 

Consider any residential complex with multiple access (pedestrian entrances, garage access, common area doors, etc.) With other systems, if two visitors call two different apartments simultaneously, one of the calls will not go through. With the DUOX Plus, both calls will connect with great video and audio. 

And on top of that, any mobile device paired to the Wi-Fi monitor can receive any call, so residents can answer through their smartphone without even having to get up from their seat. 

The system is flexible; any resident can choose what device they want to use, be that a traditional phone handset or a video entry system. This can be done at any time, without needing a new installation or incurring any cost for their neighbours.  


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