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22nd August 2022

Comelit has launched a new App, which will allow users to remotely manage their Door Entry, CCTV, Access Control etc. from a single cloud platform.

Management of systems:

Comelit has created a new app which is compatible with all modern devices including mobiles, tablets and PCs. It is a very receptive App which is image-led and contains simple features for use.

The interactive dashboard allows users to monitor and control their devices from any location, at any time. With a simple click users can switch from a global view of the systems to a more detailed view of the devices.

Smart Registration:

  • Install the Comelit app to your mobile device
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi and open the app
  • Login to your Comelit account
  • Search for the device and confirm the door entry device
  • Check the Wi-Fi connection on the door entry system
  • Register the users
  • End setup or add more device 

According to Justin Hawkesford, Comelit-PAC Operations Director the new Comelit app “will improve customer experience and make navigation instinctive.” 

Features of the app:

The MyComelit app will ensure users can manage all systems such as viewing recordings taken from the cameras in your systems and review video messages recorded by visitors. Additionally, users can call the internal devices in their systems to open gates, doors and switch on the lights. The app will send PUSH notifications to the user’s phone meaning it will only be activated once someone calls, which will save the power and data. The app can be downloaded on the App Store or via Google Play.

Users will be able to manage all systems including Simplebus and VIP by installation site, with easy consultation and geographical visualisation in an interactive map.

Organise systems by installation site:

  • Define an address and coordinates
  • Have real-time information on the status of installed devices
  • Share the management of the site with other users, with dedicated user profiles for integrated management with your collaborations.
  • The app offers users the ability to share the management of sites with other users, with different roles and profile possibilities; it is also possible to transfer the ownership of the site/device to another client-company.

Management of VIP systems:

  • Add, delete and edit resident information efficiently
  • Manage resident emails to enable or disable their Comelit app
  • Sending invitation emails to new users for the registration of its Comelit app

Management of Simplebus 1 and 2 systems:

  • Advanced configuration of Simplebus apartment addresses
  • Centralised activation and management of user app
  • Enabling K1406 Kit Connectivity
  • Connectivity renewal

Through customer feedback the app is constantly being updated to ensure users can manage their systems in the most efficient way possible. Comelit have considered every aspect of the app to include the modification of the names of residents in a few clicks and update the directories of the panels connected to the MUG 1456B.


With the app Comelit hopes to ensure its commitment to caring for their customers and listening to their needs to learn more download the app off the App Store or Google Play.