A little more about Comelit-PAC's ViP System...

Comelit-PAC Bitesize Training on VIP Systems

What is the VIP System?

Vip means Video Internet Protocol, it is the chosen IP system that Comelit-PAC use for their video door entry systems. 

IP systems are known for it's high performance technology along with the ease of a simple installation.

What makes IP the ideal system for you?

Using an IP system is ideal for system integrators searching for a hi-tech solution to integrate into their existing local area networks.

It is also ideal for all applications from small to large sites, whether it be commercial or residential.






Features of using an IP System:

The Comelit ViP system is intended to allow maximum functionality without a complicated installation.


  • Unlimited number of entrance panels and internal devices can be added onto the system
  • Each internal address can call up to 16 devices (including apps) at the same time (more with extra equipment)
  • There can be multiple speech paths or calls at the same time
  • All devices have the potential to intercommunicate with each other
  • Unlimited distances
  • Remote programming capabilities for commissioning and/or servicing



Shared Network


When installing VIP devices onto a shared PoE LAN, each Comelit device should be wired directly from the PoE switch. The maximum distances would be dictated by the PoE switch, typically this would usually be 90 meters or 100 meters, depending on the limitations of the switch.


Wi-Fi networks and PoE injectors locally at the devices can also be used if required.


Please note, internal devices only accept PoE and cannot be powered by a direct power source.

Dedicated Network


Comelit have developed their own 6 port PoE network switches (1440). 


Each 1440 has 2 x 100Mb and 4 x 10Mb ports.

Each port is individually isolated and has its own status LED.


Using the 1441 power supplies, the 10Mb ports can allow up to 250m between nodes.


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