Case Study: Fermax UK solution for leading children's hospital

Case Study: Evelina Children's Hospital

Fermax UK solution for leading children's hospital 

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Evelina London Children's Hospital have had many different brands of door entry system over the years. This is often the case with NHS Hospitals spread across the UK.

Managers at Evelina wish to have just a simple and standardised system across the wards in order to improve operating efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Upgrades needed to be quick, problem-free and cost-effective.


Each independent ward utilises a self-contained door entry system to control security critical access to their busy nursing area. The Maternity Ward is a prime example of a security critical area that requires an intuitive and cost-effective access control system. Ward receptionists permit entry and exit via an audio-video communication link. Many door entry installers will find themselves in similar situations for buildings that require secure access.



Fermax door entry system at the Maternity ward


Fermax Area Manager Andy Saxton worked closely with Evelina’s nominated installation company to ensure that the chosen Fermax system being used met the hospital’s needs.

The Fermax DUOX system offers two wires with aesthetically pleasing profiles, user-friendly features and functionality. Along with the VEO video monitors, the solution was the perfect match for the hospitals requirements.



Fermax DUOX 2-wire sysytem


Purely digital in nature, the DUOX 2-wire system functions perfectly using most types of cable. This means that it can be retro-fitted onto existing system infrastructures and avoiding the excessive costs of re-cabling.


Alongside the cabling, the Fermax DUOX VEO monitor comes with many great features to deliver the ideal solution:

  • The monitor is equipped with the 'Photo Caller' function which allows for the time and date stamping of visitors
  • Its unique handset design incorporates a magnet which enables the user to put it back into position correctly when the call is finished
  • Texturized finish for easy cleaning
  • Ultraviolet protection for resistance from the light
  • Panoramic colour TFT screen