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Impro Technologies are pioneering manufacturers of high-quality access control systems and RFID door entry equipment, supplying innovative products to installers like Door Entry Direct for over 30 years. Founded in 1986 and acquired by ASSA ABLOY in 2015, their expertise in RFID technology sets them apart.

Saluting Impro's dedication to top-tier quality and visionary innovation, Door Entry Direct stands as your go-to supplier for reliable Impro Technologies products. With us, you're always unlocking the finest in door entry solutions. Choose Impro with Door Entry Direct by shopping leading access control products now by following the links above.

History of Impro Technologies

The founders of Impro leveraged their engineering and sales expertise to capitalise on RFID technology for access control applications. As pioneers in the use of RFID, Impro quickly became leaders in access control system innovation.

Their rapid growth and reputation for superior quality cemented their status as a premier access control provider.

Acquisition by the global ASSA ABLOY Group in 2015 brought new technologies and global reach, while retaining Impro’s heritage of innovation.

Key Products and Technologies

Impro offer an extensive portfolio from long-range readers to biometric recognition and cloud-based software.

Their OEM RS485 access control system features proprietary encryption and easy central management. Contactless smart card readers allow for versatile, customisable access management via badges.

Other key products include:

  • PIN and biometric readers
  • Electric locks
  • Turnstiles
  • Lift/elevator control systems.

Impro were early adopters of RFID and remain at the forefront of access control technology.

Key Applications

Impro's access control solutions scale from commercial offices to industrial sites, hospitals, apartment blocks, car parks and more. Their cloud software enables easy remote management and custom reporting, while mobile credentials provide flexibility.

Products are designed for versatile functionality with minimal maintenance across sectors.

Why Choose Impro Access Control Products?

There are many reasons to choose Impro for your access control needs:

  • Pioneers in RFID: One of the first brands to adopt RFID in access control.
  • Legacy of Excellence: Benefiting from over 30 years of industry leadership and innovation.
  • In-House Expertise: From research and development to design and manufacturing, everything is managed in-house, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Global Expansion: Backed by the global ASSA ABLOY group, ensuring continued innovation and expansion.
  • Customised Solutions: Tailored products to meet the unique needs of different sectors.
  • End-to-end access control systems
  • Mobile credentials for versatility
  • Minimal maintenance required

With their heritage of pioneering RFID in access control, coupled with ASSA ABLOY's backing, Impro Technologies deliver quality, innovative systems with global support.

Door Entry Direct stocks a comprehensive range of Impro Access Control products, bringing our customers trusted, flexible security to their homes and business.

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