BPT GB/TRK900 | Impro RF 4 Button Tag

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BPT GB/TRK900 | Impro RF 4 Button Tag

BPT GB/TRK900 | Impro RF 4 Button Tag

This four channel handheld ultra high frequency (UHF) transmitter is designed to operate in conjunction with the ImproX RF UHF receiver and with the ImproX range of access control readers. It is also equipped with a passive keyring shaped transponder tag.

The receiver can be connected to an access control system such as the IXP200 or IXP 300/400 systems, and the four channels can be used to activate different devices in the system, such as barriers and gate automation.

Each of the four pushbuttons is used to transmit a different channel identification code, together with the transmitter's ID, to the Receiver. Pressing any one of these modulates the UHF carrier with data, which includes the transmitter identification number and the channel number.

The Transmitter is lightweight and small in size, it is powered by an internal battery.


  • Small in physical sizeOperates from own power source.
  • Compatible with ImproX RF UHF Receiver

Technical Specifciations:

  • Transmits own identity and each pushbutton has a code identity.
  • Receiver interfaces to access control systems e.g. IXP200 or IXP300/400
  • Operates four separate devices e.g. open a boom
More Information
Brand Impro
Card Type Proximity Token
Card Technology Proximity - 125 KHz
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