Using IP door entry systems

Using IP Door Entry Systems


What is an IP system? 

An IP system is a door entry system which communicates on a network. Wiring is simplified as everything in the system is wired to a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch which supplies the data as well as the power. This wiring is done by Network cable (CAT5/6 cable) and terminated via an RJ45 plug.


What is the difference between an IP system and a 2-wire system?  

The difference lies in the way they communicate, devices communicate directly based on a Point-to Point infrastructure. An IP system is networked with a cable of 4 twisted pairs (8 wires) these include: CAT5 or CAT6 compared to a 2-wire system which has only two wires.


Benefits of an IP System:

  • No need for seperate power supplies thanks to the PoE switch.
  • Communicates directly with the network and registered handset, meaning no need for a monitor inside the flat.
  • Integrates with other IP systems. For example, the video feed from the panel can be used by a CCTV System as another camera.
  • Allows the installer to freely assign a range of IP addresses according to the needs of each project, which facilitates the control over the networks.
  • HD video quality and digital audio which ensures high quality communication.
  • Ability to integrate the panel with a Home Automation IP System.


Drawbacks of an IP System:

  • Not as simple as a 2-wire system, and requires RJ45 plugs to connect to the network.
  • Necessary to configure the system; the IP ranges need to match the network they are being wired into.


You can check out our range of IP products HERE.



Case Study: Fermax MEET Kin IP Panel


The Kin Panel is one of Fermax’s most interactive touch-screen video panels, allowing visitors to interact with ease. This innovative panel comes with three different types of access control: keypad, proximity reader, and facial recognition.


The 10” touch screen features an electronic directory with a capacity of 10,000 users, with a simple selection process as visitors can quickly navigate and search through users and flat numbers. The panel offers an integrated proximity reader, which control up to 100,000 cards, but it is also possible to open a door or gate through the keypad and even facial recognition. All of this allows residents to access the building safely, quickly, and easily.


Other features of the 1445 Kin Panel include:


  • Finish: Aluminium Profile
  • Camera Angle 130 x 140
  • High resistance tempered glass on touch screen
  • Pin Code Access Control
  • 10.1” Colour TFT Screen
  • Tamper Proof – tamper alarm switch
  • Hands Free Audio Communication
  • Design: Hidden screws and hidden speaker
  • High Definition Colour Camera
  • Camera LED lighting for low light conditions.
  • Facial Recognition (up to 10,000 users)
  • Motion sensor
  • Electronic Directory (up to 10,000 users)
  • Android Modular Structure
  • Access Control Proximity Reader (for 100,000 Cards)
  • RS485 Integration Ready (Lift Control)
  • Mounting: Flush
  • Remote Firmware Update
  • Camera Resolution 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Register 9899 flats & 999 blocks to the panel






The Comelit ULTRA/3AVT IP door entry panel is scheduled to be released in July 2021.