It goes without saying that technology is changing our personal and professional lives. It is far easier to stick with what we know but complacency can affect our job options and profits. Many installers and contractors have extensive experience with only one brand. Specialisation is an asset but can limit potential when presented with larger projects. With over 30 years of experience with hundreds of brands, we know a thing or two about staying ahead of the curve. Our library is home to over 5,900 pieces of literature designed to aid installers in the door entry trade. There has never been a better time to cultivate more knowledge to help you hit the ground running and grow your projects. Door Entry Direct is the best resource to help you with that.

Let us assume for the moment that we keep up to date with many of the changes that happen across our industry. How can we learn to install these systems with confidence? The first concern is being unfamiliar with how to go about it and where to find the resources. Time is money and there is no doubt a learning curve.

So let’s assume an existing client have a new job for us. It is a huge job, but it requires installation of a system/product that we are not yet familiar with.

What is the problem?

Almost every manufacturer will have technical information on their website. This is a daunting starting point to say the least. Most technical manuals only provide theory when most installers need a practical approach.

Data sheets and wiring diagrams are not tangible and do not offer a hand when we are on-site or on a project. They do not answer the most common questions:

  • What cable am I supposed to use?
  • What distances do I need amplifiers?
  • How does the entrance panel fit together?
  • How do I program the monitors to call buttons?
  • How do I program the monitors to dipswitches, configurators, or IP addresses?

Where do we start?

Most installers are looking for the unique selling points of products to know how to market it to the client. Likewise, they want to know any pain-points that could affect installation before they happen. That is where Door Entry Direct can provide a strategic approach to tackle the toughest of jobs. Our customer support team and our Trade Counter in North West London are here to make sense of it all. The best solution is the human solution. Our team is available at 0208 621 6210 or on to consult with you on ongoing basis.

Visit our Trade Counter in Park Royal for hands-on approach to each project. Not only do we hold the largest range of stock of door entry systems in the UK which we invite you to browse, but also an expert team available to answer any question.

Register online with Door Entry Direct to get first access to new products with member discounts.

When needed, download a manual to walk you through the job from our Knowledge Base Library.

Keep up to date with our helpful tips on our Blog.

Learning is a continuous process. As technologies change, we must adapt to the requirements of our customers. Door Entry Direct is at the forefront of product knowledge and supplier relationships. We take pride in our passion and resolve to get through any project, small or large. Problem solving is one of our greatest passions and we welcome any partner to get in touch with us and get the job done.