Strengthening our brand and customer ties, and the user experience for a stronger 2021


A conversation with Steve Stuart, the Managing Director of Door Entry Direct, as he discusses how we are navigating through difficult times with an optimistic outlook.


First, some background. Door Entry Direct is The UK’s #1 for door entry systems and expertise. We manufacture our own SRS range and distribute over 9,000 products from over 40 major brands. We have access to the largest range, from stock, to help trade installers, security experts, and electricians choose the best solution.


Our industry is facing ongoing unprecedented challenges as we enter 2021. This has not stopped us from continuing to work full steam manufacturing and distributing from our base in Park Royal, West London. Our focus has been a major improvement in service delivery. From ease of use, to a whole host of learning resources and manuals. Door Entry Direct is solidifying the commitment to better serve our valued customers.


With online services more important than ever, you can expect:


  • Faster page load times
  • Easy navigation on desktop and mobile
  • Latest products and best prices thanks to strong partnerships with major brands
  • Enhanced search capabilities with up-to-date stock and lead times
  • Simplified filtering
  • Better recommendations and product reviews
  • Wishlist to keep track of products
  • Seamless checkout and quick purchases.


 Though, there is a lot more to the Door Entry Direct story:


From 1983 and supplying security products and installations, to current-day manufacturing and specialised distribution, Steve, Door Entry Direct’s Managing Director has had his share of both experience and pivots within the industry.


The readiness to innovate is what created Door Entry Direct and leads the way for optimism even in the unpredictable environment of today. And with that, we had to ask Steve some questions…


Where is Door Entry Direct now and what can your customers expect in 2021?

“We have got good things on in the works for 2021. With a focus on user experience and online capabilities, we are enhancing the mobile experience to allow our customers to check on goods or find information with ease. We’re also making checkout even easier, with a view to integrate PayPal and Apple Pay options.


Our team is always improving; our dedicated account managers receive ongoing training to improve their technical expertise and ability to guide installers through any job. Our product merchandisers, who work closely with major brands, are devoted to representing our products. We aim to be technical experts to ensure our customers are well versed, remain competitive, and win new business.


We’re also planning more communication, newsletters, and insights to help installers endure the ups and downs of the year to come.”


What is Door Entry Direct doing better than its competitors?

“Door Entry Direct is very different from its competitors in several ways. As a specialist, Door Entry Direct offers knowledge across a very wide range of manufacturers and are perfectly positioned to offer the best options for an installation. Not only do we have the largest door entry offer in the UK, but it’s also largely in stock.


In addition, Door Entry Direct offer several product enhancements that allow the installer to elevate their offer without increasing their costs. Many installations in the UK have a stainless-steel door entry panel (we make 1000’s a year) and our customer love to have free button, house name and engraving of their logo on the panel.


Another innovation that our customers love is our unique Quick Quote system that delivers a quotation super-fast with data sheets, brochures, and images attached. This allows installers to deliver better information to the end users.”


What can Door Entry Direct do better to support its customers?

“We’re working on enabling our customers to have better access to information. Door Entry Direct is the one-stop-shop for all things door entry - and improvements are always ongoing!”


What changes would you like to see in the industry as-a-whole?

“The industry is changing so rapidly because of technological changes and keeping up to date is very hard for the installer. They are bombarded with every brand and promise. I’d like to see more specialist suppliers who are experts in their fields rather than generalists who punt out the same old gear.”