Fermax Marine Bluetooth Reader

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Fermax 5473 Marine Bluetooth Reader

Fermax 5473 Marine Bluetooth Reader

The Fermax 5473 Cityline bluetooth device is an access control reader that operates through telephones equipped with bluetooth technology.

This is when the mobile telephone acts as the device to identify the user.

The 5473 fits within the 2.5 mm stainless steel Marine panel and can be used internally and externally.

This model is available as a stand alone or centralised system.

A stand alone system is a method of access control in which only one single location is used and is not connected to any other destination. Stand alone systems generally have no more than 10 access points and are programmed to function seperately.

Whereas centralised systems can have any number of doors connected to one central network, one host, controlling all the access points.

With the 5473 you have the option of working with a list of phones that are authorised. This is a list recorded on the receiver and determines which telephones will open the doors. Up to 40 mobile phones can be registered.

This chosen mode comes with three option. Firstly, automatic mode without a pin. The door will open when it detects an authorised phone. Secondly, request information, The user must press the 1 key and Accept to open the door and thirdly, request pin, when a authorised phone is detected the receiver will request a 4 digit pin.

The 5473 can also work without an authorised telephones list. Any phone with activated bluetooth within a certain range will be detected and asked for a pin.


  • Stainless steel finish
  • reigstration of up to 40 phones

Technical Specifciations:

  • Power supply (stand-alone): 12 Vac/Vdc
  • Power supply (centralised and stand-alone in network): 12 Vdc.


  • Panel measurements: 150 x180 mm (width-height)
  • Flush-fit box dimensions: 130 x 160 x 55 mm (height-width-depth).
  • Surface mounted box dimensions: 154 x 184 x 73 mm (height-width-depth).
More Information
Brand Fermax
Reader Type Bluetooth (stand alone)
No. of Users 40 users
Supply Voltage 12.0 Volt DC
Fermax instructions for Marine bluetooth reader pdf(0.58MB)
Fermax 5473 data sheet pdf(0.09MB)
Fermax Access control brochure pdf(10.91MB)
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