design your own panels online




Have you ever wanted to design your own vandal resistant panels...

...and be able to visualise them before you order..??


Well, now you can. is designed to dramatically shorten the process of creating beautiful bespoke panels. And once you've specified exactly what you need,  you can then visualise what you've just asked for quickly and simply online.








What can I do...?


>  Choose your panel size

>  Choose the manufacturer

> Select the number of buttons you need from 0 - 60

>  Choose the material from either brass or stainless steel

>  Video and audio versions available

Keypad and proximity cut out versions to choose from




And you can add even more detail...


>  Add a house name or a block name

>  Select the font, point size and casing

> Re-order the numbering to the format you want

>  Add your own logo

>  Give your design a unique project name

Email the design to us

>  We'll send a proof to you before manufacture

>  Don't forget you can also add colour to your panel and choose coloured screws and buttons*

>  You can even add braille too*


*contact us for details 






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