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DORCAS stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of door entry systems. Specialising in electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, access control, and more, DORCAS has consistently set the benchmark for quality and innovation.

Door Entry Direct champions DORCAS's relentless drive for perfection. As a trusted supplier, we guarantee our customers only the finest door entry solutions. Choose DORCAS with Door Entry Direct today by following the product links above.

History of DORCAS

Established in 1971, DORCAS has the distinction of being the first Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of electric strikes and accessories.

Operating from their base in Valencia, in the town of Siete Aguas, DORCAS has over four decades of international experience, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the industry.

Key Products and Technologies

DORCAS's product range is both impressive and state-of-the-art, especially when it comes to robust locking systems and door entry products. It includes:

  • Electric Strikes: Tailored solutions ensuring secure access across various settings.
  • Electromagnetic Products: Leveraging the latest technology for robust security measures.
  • Access Control: Comprehensive systems designed for both residential and commercial applications.
  • Door Closers: Ensuring safety and ease of use in various door setups.

Key Applications

DORCAS products, supplied by Door Entry Direct, cater to a diverse range of applications:

  • Residential Spaces: Enhancing home security with cutting-edge solutions.
  • Commercial Establishments: Offering businesses the peace of mind with robust security systems.
  • Public Facilities: Ensuring safety and seamless access in public areas.

Why Choose DORCAS Door Entry Products?

By opting for DORCAS products via Door Entry Direct you are gaining access to:

  • Legacy of Excellence: Over 40 years of industry leadership and innovation.
  • Global Presence: DORCAS products are available in over 70 countries, showcasing their international appeal.
  • Innovation at its Best: With numerous patents and quality certifications, DORCAS is at the forefront of electromechanical lock technology.
  • Customised Solutions: A dedicated commercial team ensures tailored solutions for every customer, irrespective of their geographic location.
  • Adaptability: DORCAS products are designed to meet the varied standards and realities of each country they serve.

DORCAS isn't just a brand—it's the gold standard in trust, innovation, and security. Door Entry Direct doesn't just supply; we deliver on that gold standard by offering a range of reliable DORCAS locking systems.

Homeowner, entrepreneur, or architect, with DORCAS at Door Entry Direct, you're not just choosing, you're upgrading. Shop today via the attached links.

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