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Aiphone is a leading global manufacturer of security and communication systems, with over 70 years of expertise in Japan and 50 years in North America. Renowned for outstanding reliability and innovative technology, Aiphone provides a vast range of intercom and telephone entry solutions for residential, commercial and public sector environments.

History of Aiphone

Aiphone was founded in 1948 in Tokyo, Japan by Isamu Nishimura. His vision was to pioneer new technologies that would enhance security and communication for homes and businesses. This ethos of continuous innovation to meet evolving customer needs remains at the heart of the Aiphone brand today.

In the 1960s, Aiphone expanded into North America, establishing its reputation through advanced products such as weather-resistant door stations. In the 1980s, Aiphone launched its first intercom system incorporating CCTV for enhanced visual verification. The 1990s saw the introduction of systems integrating cutting-edge IP technology.

With a focus on supreme reliability and outstanding customer support, Aiphone has cemented its position as the brand of choice for professional security installers and their clients worldwide, which is why we choose to stock a wide selection of their leading products here at Door Entry Direct.

Key Products and Technologies

Aiphone offers an unrivalled range of door entry and communication systems. Key products include:

  • IP intercoms with high-definition video, mobile connectivity and advanced features.
  • Robust digital intercom systems for apartments and commercial premises.
  • High-quality analogue audio intercoms for cost-effective security.
  • Emergency towers and code-compliant solutions for public environments.
  • Customisable network systems for large sites and campuses.

Aiphone prioritises technological innovation to enhance protection, communication and convenience for users.

Key Applications

From private homes to universities, Aiphone provides specialised solutions for diverse environments including:

  • Residential - Smart intercoms that seamlessly integrate with home networks and smartphones.
  • Multi-Tenant - Reliable systems for apartments and gated communities.
  • Commercial - Scalable office intercoms with remote access control and concierge features.
  • Healthcare - Clear audio and video for nurse call stations and emergency communications.
  • Education - Networked solutions to protect campuses while improving connections between staff, students and parents.
  • Government - Customisable platforms meeting the complex needs of municipal, state and federal agencies.
  • Correctional - Maximum-security intercoms and perimeter protection systems.

Why Choose Aiphone Intercom Systems?

With Aiphone, Door Entry Direct customers will benefit from:

  • Over 70 years of global intercom manufacturing expertise.
  • An unrivalled range of cutting-edge products and features.
  • Focus on innovation, reliability and ease of use.
  • Excellent technical support from Aiphone's experienced engineers.
  • Robust systems built to provide decades of uninterrupted performance.
  • Scalable solutions to suit sites of any size and complexity.

For trusted security and communication systems from industry leaders, Aiphone is the proven choice. Shop reliable security products now by following the links below.

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