AES Wireless Intercom Systems and GSM

AES Global is a pioneering manufacturer of cellular, wireless, IP and wired audio and video intercom systems. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in the UK, AES Global has established itself as one of the leading brands globally in access control and security communications.

With an impressive track record of innovation and a commitment to outstanding customer service, AES Global provides sophisticated door entry solutions for residential, commercial and public sector applications worldwide.

History of AES Global

AES Global was founded by a team of engineers with decades of experience in electronic engineering and access control systems. In 2007, the company launched its first range of GSM wireless intercoms, securing its reputation at the forefront of developing cutting-edge door entry technology.

Since these beginnings, AES Global has expanded rapidly, now selling its products through authorised dealers and outlets in over 40 countries. The company has received numerous industry awards in recognition of its pioneering approach and excellent technical support. We’re proud to stock and sell access control systems from AES Global.

Key Products and Technologies

AES Global offers an extensive product range based on the latest security and telecommunications technologies. Key products include:

  • GSM intercoms for remote access and operation via telephone
  • Advanced wireless systems with video and smart phone connectivity
  • High-spec IP intercoms with cloud-based features
  • Traditional hard-wired audio and video door entry systems.

AES Global prioritises innovation - it is constantly developing its product portfolio to incorporate new features and capabilities that enhance security, connectivity and convenience for users.

Key Applications

From private homes to large public facilities, AES Global's access control systems are tailored for virtually any setting. Key applications include:

  • Domestic - Convenient and versatile door entry for private residences.
  • Social Housing - Advanced intercoms for apartments, gated communities and assisted living complexes.
  • Commercial - Reliable and scalable solutions for offices, factories and retail premises.
  • Public Sector - Robust, multi-user systems for schools, hospitals, and municipal buildings.

Why Choose AES Global?

With AES Global, customers can be assured they are investing in a quality brand backed by industry expertise.

Benefits include:

  • Award-winning, innovative products at the cutting edge of security technology.
  • Excellent technical support from AES Global's experienced engineering teams.
  • Intuitive systems designed for convenient everyday use.
  • Robust build quality and dependable performance.
  • Flexible solutions scalable for any site requirements.
  • 2 year warranty on all products for complete peace of mind.

For sophisticated wireless intercom solutions from global experts in access control, AES Global is the brand of choice. Shop Door Entry Direct’s selection of leading AES Global products by following the attached links.

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