BPT video control module / Distrubutor

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BPT video control module / Distrubutor

BPT XAV/300 video control module / Distrubutor

The unit enables the video signal, coming from the devices suitable for the system 300 (HIA/300) to be modulated on the receivers' twisted pair. It has a built-in OSD character generator which makes it possible to display information in the video handset.

The unit features a CNV connector for connection, by means of the wires supplied, to power supplier XA/301LR, XA/300LR and a CNT connector for connection to the ICB/300 selector. It can control up to 10 XDV/304 distributors for video output and 5 XDV/300A amplified distributors.

Technical features

  • Supply voltage: 18 V DC (from XA/301LR, XA/300LR).
  • Current demand: <120 mA
  • Video input: +- 0.6 Vpp balanced type; z = 100 Ohm.
  • 2 video outputs: balanced modulated video signal including audio and data.
  • Character generator: internal OSD managed by XA/301LR, XA/300LR (enables the number of the entry panel selected to be viewed).
  • Working temperature range: from 0 degrees C to +35 degrees C.
  • Dimensions: 4 DIN units module, low profile
More Information
Brand BPT
Video Distribution 2 outputs
Product Type Receiver Control (distributor)
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System 300 Digital Video Control Equipment pdf(0.12MB)
BPT installation instructions for XAV/300 pdf(0.32MB)
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