BPT 4 way video distributor (coax)

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BPT 4 way video distributor (coax)

BPT VDV/400 4 way video distributor (coax)

This amplified video distributor is used to distribute video signals over 4 lines in coax cable (75 Ohm). The presence of voltage an current amplifiers guarantees a video signal exiting without attenuation and so enables a series connection of a number of distributors. The video distributor power is taken from the monitor power supply line. With such compact dimensions the device can be installed in a normal junction box (90x90x40 mm) or on a DIN rail (EN 50022).

Technical features

  • Supply voltage: 14ª-17.5V DC.
  • Current demand: max. 68 mA.
  • Video input: 1V pp on 75Ohm (0.6ª-1.5V pp).
  • Input impedance: >= 15 kOhm.
  • Number of distributors which can be connected in series: 20.
  • Video output: 1V pp su 75 Ohm.
  • Output impedance: 75 Ohm.
  • Working temperature range: from 0 degrees C to +35 degrees C.
  • Dimensions: 60x44x16 mm
More Information
Brand BPT
Video Distribution 4 outputs
Cabling BPT System 200 (Traditional)
System Type Video (colour)
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BPT installation instructions for VDV/400 pdf(0.76MB)
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