Videx 20 User VPROX Controller (One Door, Stores up to 20 Prox Keys)

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Videx VP20 Self contained VPROX control unit which will control one door and store up to 20 proximity keys

Videx VP20 20 User VPROX Controller

Self contained control unit which will control one door and store up to 20 proximity keys.

Advanced access control system based upon the Videx coded proximity key/fob. The system will operate and control one door and store up to 20 proximity tags or cards, the door can also have an additional reader.

Connections from the reader to the control equipment can be made using un-shielded 5 core cable up to a distance of 200m, or a maximum resistance of 10 ohms.


  • Push to exit switch door will operate the relay in the control unit for the programmed entry/exit time.
  • Security against sabotage, is maintained by having the V-VPROX-20 control equipment remote from the reader head. Should un-stored proximity tags attempt to operate the system, the control unit will disable the reader after every attempt, the duration of the reader disable will increase if further attempts are made.
  • The control equipment has two LEDs that confirms all data in programming mode.
  • 2 push buttons for programming the information.
  • Using these buttons it is possible to:
  • - Programme up to 20 unique proximity tags.
  • - Delete one or more tags.
  • - Know if a key is already programmed and its memory location.
  • 2 Dip-Switch bank to programme the door relay time (2-4-6-10 seconds)

Technical Specifications:

  • Doors controlled: 1
  • Storage Capacity: 20 keys or tags
  • Voltage: 12Vac/dc
  • Current (Quiescent): Approx. 100mA
  • Current (During Operation): Approx. 200mA
  • Working Temperature (C): -10 to +50
  • Lock output: 5A 30v DC dry contacy


  • 87.5 x 105 x 65 (lwd mm)
More Information
Brand Videx
Door Inputs 1 door controller
Input Type Videx - Vprox
Reader Type Proximity (requires controller)
Videx Instruction Manual for VP20 pdf(0.43MB)
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