Doorpoint K5101S and K5105S door entry kits

SRS Door entry phone systems with 1 call button. The K5101S and K5105S include surface mounted door entry panels. The K5105S panel has built in multi code keypad.

  • Although these kits are built to the same high standard as the SRS Vandal Resistant audio door entry kits and systems, they are not classified as vandal resistant. This is because the panel thickness is 1.5mm instead of 2.5mm.
  • Still very tough and suitable for most applications they are ideal for mounting onto gate / car park barrier posts since the panel is only 100mm wide.
  • Engineer friendly hinged panel



operation of the hinge

Training Notes

    These kits are ideal for a variety of installations because of the following features.

    The door entry panel

    • The panel is 100mm wide making ideal for mounting onto 4 inch (100mm) posts.
    • The front plate is hinged, making the panel very engineer friendly (see below)
    • The panel comes with a rain hood
    • Although this system is not classified as Vandal resistant, it is robust enough to with stand all but the most determined attack. All of the electronics are identical that that used in the fully vandal resistant systems, the only difference being the thickness of the stainless steel for the panel. 1.5mm BS316 on these panels and 2.5mm thick BS316 stainless steel on the vandal resistant panels
    • The other difference between this Doorpoint system and the SRS vandal resistant system is the amount of panel options available. Doorpoint offers just these 2 panels.

    The telephone handset

    • The phone cord is a very flexible and suitable in situations with repetitive use (ie reception phone)
    • The phone has a lock release button and a spare button

    The system power supply

    • The power supply offers 12V AC and 12V DC power outputs (500mA on each output)
    • The system incudes timer relay for the locking device which is adjustable from 1 - 99 seconds
    • The system can be connected to a gate controller or access control without any additional interface relay

    The connections are simple

    • Conventional 5 wire technology (also known as 4+n)
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