SRS Audio Door Entry On-Line Training KET Audio Door Entry Kits


  • 1 phone system
  • The SDK audio door entry kit is designed for simple one to one installation. That is one call button calling one telephone.
  • The equipment is functional and very competitively priced


3 button panel showing the hinge

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    Training Notes

    These kits are ideal for a variety of installations because of the following features.

  • The panel is very shallow

    • It is ideal for surface mounting
    • The panel is hinged, making it very engineer friendly
    • The panel is protected from the rain and is suitable for fitting externally
    • This is NOT a Vandal Resistant panel, but it is robust and suitable for most applications

  • The phone is an attractive white unit

    • The phone cord is a very flexible and suitable in situations with repetitive use (ie reception phone)
    • The power supply (provided with the kit) is suitable for power for the system and standard 12V AC lock releases.

  • The connections are simple

    • Convertional 5 wire technology

  • Cable Requirements

    • Power is provided to the system from a DIN rail power supply. This is normally installed near the fuse box.
    • Only 5 wires are required between the telephone and the entrance panel for each telephone. 4 of these wires are common, the other is for the call tone.
    • For further information about various locking arrangements please see the wiring diagram.

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