SRS Door Access Control Unit for Smart.Net-IP System

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SRS 40020201 Door Access Control Unit for Smart.Net-IP System. Used for managing a single door or entrance point and is connected back to management PC

SRS 40020201 Smart.Net-IP Door Access Control Unit

This door access control system unit from SRS manages a single door or entrance point and is connected back to the management PC. The PC is connected to this door network from one spare USB port.

Each door access security control unit will allow the connection of the following facilities:

Each door or entrance may have 1 or 2 card readers permitting a total of 256 system readers. The secured doors are connected by a dedicated cable network, consisting of two twisted pairs and a screen (5-wire). The maximum distance of this cable network is 1200 meters.

The door or entrance is controlled by a local door access control unit which allows the connection of all the door facilities such as readers, local power supply and electric locking.

The door access control unit acts as a junction point for all the door facilities and allows the dedicated network to be passed onto the next door or entrance.

The adjacent door system drawing excludes the optional exit card reader and local alarm sounder for clarity. The door controller is designed to be located above or near the door or entrance it serves.

Every door controller requires a 150mAmp, 12VDC power source and can be powered by the locking devices power supply.

The door access security control unit, is housed in a composite case that is usually mounted close to the door or entrance it is managing to minimize local cabling runs. It allows cable entry by way of 20mm cable entry points that can be utilized with or without additional cable entry glands.

The local door control unit is a compact and low power and can be installed by electrical & security installers with ease.

All functions and appliances associated with an individual door or entrance can be tested in isolation by virtue of the built-in engineer test mode function.

This access control system is extremely powerful, easy to use and most importantly easy to set up. The SRS Smart.Net-IP is must have recommended system

Please click here to download the SRS Smart.Net-IP Setup file.


  • Intruder alarm connection (optional)
  • Electronic locking device
  • Magnetic door contact
  • Local alarm sounder or similar
  • 12VDC PSU for locking and power

Technical Specifications:

  • Entry card reader
  • Exit card reader (optional)
  • Exit request button (optional)


  • 120 x 155 x 30 (hwd mm)
  • More Information
    Brand SRS
    Door Inputs 1 door controller
    Reader Inputs 2 reader inputs
    Input Type Weigand 26 BIT
    Network Type RS485 Network
    SRS - Smart.Netv-IP Access Control System - Datasheet - Apr 2018 pdf(0.18MB)
    Smart.Net Presentation pdf(6.09MB)
    40020201 Quick Start Guide pdf(0.93MB)
    Smart.Net IP Planning and Installation Guide pdf(0.64MB)
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