Fermax Door Controller for Access Control (12VDC)

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Fermax 4420 Door Controller (12VDC)

Fermax 4420 Door Controller (12VDC)

The door controller manages the devices present in each access: reader, electric lock, exit pushbutton, door sensor and etc.

When installed in the secure zone (interior), it lets you increase the security of access to the installation, since the device that drives the electric lock is beyond the reach of manipulations.

The door controller admits a reader for the entrance and another one for the exit and accepts Wiegand-26 bits or magstrip readers.

Centralized Access Control (CAC) System, composed of one part hardware: CAC central units, readers, decoders, etc. and one part software that lets you configure and manage the installation, by means of installer applications and multi-post user.

The user information and associated restrictions are stored in a CAC Central Unit that takes the decisions to permit or deny access. In facilities that exceed these specifications (more readers or users) up to 63 central units can be grouped together.

Reader wiring: 2 wires + screened twisted pair, Intercommunication wiring: 4 wires + screened twisted pair.


  • 1 door controller
  • 2 reader inputs

Technical Specifications:

  • Power supply 12 Vdc ± 10% (CN1).
  • Consumption 12 Vdc: 15 mA min, 100 mA max.
  • Operating temperature 0 Ö +60 ¼C with H.R. 90% without condensation.


    85 x 88 x 25 mm (hwd)
More Information
Brand Fermax
Door Inputs 1 door controller
Reader Inputs 2 reader inputs
Input Type Weigand 26 BIT
Fermax 4420 data sheet pdf(0.09MB)
Fermax instructions for CAC door controller Art. 4420 pdf(0.33MB)
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