Fermax DUOX PLUS 4.3 Inch VEO Video Monitor

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Fermax 9445 DUOX PLUS VEO Video Monitor with Handset and 4.3 Inch Widescreen Colour Display. The handset also has a built-in magnet

Fermax 9445 DUOX PLUS 4.3 Inch VEO Monitor

The Fermax 9445 is a colour video monitor from the VEO range which comes with a handset and features a 4.3 inch panoramic colour TFT screen.

The VEO monitor is made of high-impact ABS plastic, with an easy cleaning finish and ultraviolet protection to get more resistance to the light. Its balanced design of pure lines is distinguishing, modern and minimal. VEO integrates in the ambiance.

Its unique handset design incorporates a magnet which enables the user to put it back into position correctly when the call is finished. The design of the monitor is modern and minimal.

When a call is received, the image appears automatically. When the handset is picked up a conversation with the visitor can take place. The image is de-activated automatically after 90 seconds, or when the handset is put back in position.

This product requires the 9447 DUOX VEO monitor connector.



  • Colour: Matt white
  • Four mechanical (silicone) push buttons
  • Screen: 4.3” colour TFT (Panoramic 16:9)
  • Finish for easy cleaning
  • Ultraviolet protection for resistance from the light
  • Conversation privacy
  • Handset with magnet to facilitate the hang up
  • Automatic picture capture when the visitor calls: (1 photo/call, until 150 photos, 368 x 288 pixels). This feature can be enabled by the user. Disabled by default.
  • Guard unit call (by means of the door release button)
  • Auto-on (with 3 outdoor panels/cameras)
  • OSD Menu: Call Volume/DND Mode/Audio Volume/Brightness control
  • Additional function F1: (sends a negative and/or command)
  • Additional function F2: (sends command)
  • Max. 2 x additional terminals (additional power supply can be required)


Technical Specifications:

  • Technology: DUOX (non-polarised 2 wire full digital system)
  • Set up: Surface mounted
  • Screen resolution (H x V): 480 x 272
  • Material: High impact ABS plastic
  • Time to answer or open the door since the call is done (secs): 30
  • Conversation time (secs): 90
  • Number of leds for lighted indications: 1 (red with 3 states: always ON, slow/fast blinking)
  • Voltage: 18-24 Vdc
  • Maximum consumption: 5.2 W
  • Standby consumption: 0.8 W
  • Working Temperature (C): -5 to +40
  • Line adapter included in terminal


Additional Purchases:

  • Desktop support: Ref. 9410
  • Induction loop: Replace handset with Ref. 3443 or monitor with Ref. 9455 (already includes induction loop)
  • Connection for additional devices (call extension, light/buzzer activator, etc.): (Ref. 2040, Ref. 2438, Ref. 3267)



  • 200 x 200 x 23 (hwd mm)
More Information
Brand Fermax
Audio or Video Video
Colour - Finish White
Accessories Receiver (QQ)
Type Receiver - with Handset
Cabling System Fermax DUOX 2 wire BUS cabling
Fermax 9445 Datasheet pdf(0.17MB)
Fermax DUOX Quick Start Quide pdf(7.71MB)
Fermax DUOX Monitor pdf(59.51MB)
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