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For over 60 years, PAC has led the security industry in innovative access control solutions.

As leading UK suppliers of PAC systems, Door Entry Direct offers the complete range of controllers, readers, software and accessories needed to create a robust and modern access control system.

History of PAC

Originally established in the UK in 1961 as an electronic manufacturer, PAC quickly forged a reputation for designing advanced security products. Following expansion into international markets, PAC has cemented its position as a trusted global brand.

Utilising the latest technology, PAC systems enabled secure monitoring and control of multiple access points from a central location.

With continuous research and development, PAC expanded into IP-connected systems in the 1990s before launching web-based software for remote management.

Today, PAC remains at the forefront of the industry with systems integrated across corporate offices, healthcare, education, retail, critical infrastructure and more.

Key Products and Technologies

Since the acquisition of PAC by Comelit, PAC now strictly offer access control products, whilst Comelit is the go-to for door entry and home automation.

PAC boasts an impressive range of access control related products, including:

  • Access Controllers: Manage permissions for hundreds of users across multiple sites. Controllers interface with PAC readers and connect remotely to software.
  • Readers: Door-mounted readers enable secure access using PIN codes, cards, fobs or biometrics. Choose from proximity, smart card, keypad and biometric readers.
  • Software: User-friendly software for access management, alerts and comprehensive reporting. Available as on-site or web-hosted options.
  • ID Devices: Keyfobs, cards, tags and implants. Technologies include HID Prox, MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2, iClass, NFC and more.

Key Applications

Trusted globally, PAC's modular systems scale from single doors to multi-site installations and are throughout:

  • Corporate Offices
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Government
  • Critical Infrastructure

Why choose PAC access control systems?

With 60+ years at the forefront of access control innovation, PAC delivers trusted security solutions backed by industry-leading expertise.

Discover the pioneers in access control at Door Entry Direct. As approved PAC installers, we can advise on selecting the ideal system and provide ongoing support. Simply choose your PAC access control product today by browsing the links below.

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