BPT VSE/301 | Selector for Intercom

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BPT VSE/301 | Selector for Intercom

BPT VSE/301 | Selector for Intercom

Using the selector, different groups of intercom receivers can be connected with the main line of an X1, X2 systems or system 300 installation. The selector is capable of supplying power to intercom receivers directly from the X1 bus with a single twisted pair.

The intercom system can also work independently without connection to an audio or video entry control system. A total of ten receivers can be activated by the same call, if using a monitor this decreases to nine.


  • Supply voltage: 230V AC 50/60 Hz, +6% - 10%. The transformer is electronically protected against overloading and short circuiting i.e. no fuses are used.
  • Power demand: 45 VA.
  • Receiver power supply through bus: 20 VDC (terminal block M2).
  • The VSE/301 unit, on its own, can supply: 1 intercom receiver and 9 on standby
  • Same call activation: 10 (if monitors, power 9 of them with local supply)
  • Line transmitting towards receivers: nonpolarized twisted pair (Z = 100 Ohm).
  • Line connecting to main line: non polarized twisted pair (Z = 100 Ohm).
  • Doorbell: continuous 3 s ring.

Technical Specifications:

  • Intercom call note duration: 30 s.
  • Maximum distances: 100 m between selector and last receiver connected to the system (with cable VCM/1D).
  • Maximum number of selectors in a system 300 installation (XA/300LR): 100.
  • Maximum number of selectors in a system X2 installation: 25.
  • Working temperature range: 0 degrees C to +35 degrees C.
  • Dimensions: low-profile 8-unit module for installation on DIN rail
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