BPT IAV/300 | Audio Visual Interface for X1

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BPT IAV/300 | Audio Visual Interface for X1

BPT IAV/300 | Audio Visual Interface for X1

Using the interface, you can connect handsets and video handsets, telephone switchboards with audio entry control interface 4+n, or with audio entry control interface FTZ123D12, to system 300 and X2 installations.

NOTE. By 4+n we mean a system with TX audio output, RX audio input, system common, door-lock release output and n calls.

In addition to audio signals, the door lock release control and an auxiliary control, there is an output for the 1 V demodulated video signal on 75 Ohm. The interface is activated by a call code, meaning it must be programmed first.


  • Power supply: 230V AC 50/60 Hz. The unit is protected electronically against overloads and short-circuits.
  • Power demand: 10 VA.

Technical Specifications:

  • Audio output to receiver: 50-200mV with output impedance equivalent to 100 Ohm, decoupled with capacitor.
  • Audio input to entry panel: audio signal on 470 Ohm impedance connected to +12 V.
  • Audio for systems with FTZ123D12 interface: 0.35 V on 220 Ohm impedance plus 820 Ohm in parallel with a 115 nF capacitor.
  • Working temperature range: 0 degrees C to +35 degrees C.


  • Low-profile 8-unit module for installation on DIN rail
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Brand BPT
Product Type Interface
Cabling BPT System X1 (2 wire)
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