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Urmet 1 button Smyle audio panel 4+n cabling



1 button 1129 SMYLE audio panel

The Smyle entrance panel has been specifically designed for surface-mounted installation. With its reduced footprint (H185 x W99 x D35 mm), it is ideal for pillar (100mm wide) or wall mounting.

The entrance panel can also be fastened to a 503 embedding box and is pre-engineered to accommodate 1 or 2 name-holder tags in order to set up single- or two-family systems.

One of Smyle's most attractive features is the uniform lighting of the entire name-tag using green leds. In addition to perfect backlighting, use of a tray inside the entrance panel eliminates the need for direct access to the area of the wiring, securing the wires to the bottom of the housing.

The single-family Smyle features a large 30 x 60mm name-tag while the standard name-tags, measuring 15 x 60mm, are used for the two-family version.

One of the main characteristics of this product is the absence of call buttons as a simple pressure on the name-tag activates an apartment station. A bell symbol to the bottom right in a raised part of the name-tag facilitates identification of the zone to be pressed.

The Smyle front plate is secured to the housing by an invisible Allen screw in the lower part. This characteristic combined with Urmet's experience in guaranteeing correct system functioning also in adverse weather conditions has earned the Smyle an IP 44 protection rating.

Smyle is also available in a video doorphone version with the same technical/performance characteristics as the audio version. The Smyle houses a manually-adjustable (from +5 degrees to -5 degrees on the horizontal and from -10 degrees to +5 degrees on the vertical) semi pin-hole TV camera.

Although Smyle is usually inserted in Urmet kits such as the 952/11 2-wire video doorphone kit and the 1129/10 2-wire audio kit, it is also sold separately. The entrance panel can therefore be used in other applications, for example in groups of single-family and two-family detached houses connected to a single main entrance. In this case, the houses can be equipped with Smyle while one of the Urmet entrance panels, such as the K-steel or Sinthesi, can be used for the main entrance.

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