SRS TZ | Tranzil For Electric Lock Suppression

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SRS TZ | Tranzil For Electric Lock Suppression

SRS TZ | Tranzil For Electric Lock Suppression

Back-EMF Protection from Electric locking device
When an electric locking device* is de-energised, the collapsing magnetic field produces energy to be generated within the windings of the coil. This energy produces a voltage (or EMF) within the coil, of the opposite polarity to the normally applied voltage used to energise the electric locking device*.
This Ôback-EMFÕ can result in hundreds of volts and can cause damage to the switching relay, as it sparks across the contacts.
It is normal practice to install a TRANZIL, close to the electric locking device*, to dissipate this voltage and protect the switching relay and electronics controlling the electric locking device*.
* Electric locking device is any electric strike, electric lock, electric lock release, electric gate control etc


  • Tranzil

Technical Specifications:

  • Designed for electric lock suppression
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