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Paxton Proximity 100 keyfob pack


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Proximity - Paxton - Switch 2


Paxton Proximity 100 keyfob pack

These are in quantities of 10, 25, 50 and 100 and in Green, Amber or Red tokens. Packs can be ordered in any combination and any quantity (up to the maximum number of users, 10,000). Each pack contains user tokens with their associated shadow cards, an enrolment card, door open time card (used to change the period the door remains unlocked), silent operation card (used to stop the reader from beeping) and a fail open release card (used when a fail open lock is installed).

Additional packs can be ordered in the same way as the first pack. Packs can simply be enrolled onto the readers using the enrolment card from the first card pack. Once enrolled all of the user tokens from the new pack are valid at the reader. This enrolment process must be carried out at each reader on the site to ensure the cards are valid at all doors.

A PROXIMITY pack contains pairs of user and shadow tokens. These are linked pairs. When issuing a user token, the name of the user must be written on the shadow card. These cards must be kept safe, as they are the only method for voiding a lost or stolen token.

If any token is lost or stolen, its associated shadow card must be presented at each PROXIMITY reader in order to remove it from the system.

Shadow cards must be kept in order or token administration may be compromised.

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