PAC Access Control - Controllers


Easikey 250 is a simple to use, standalone door controller.

The new, improved design allows access to one or two doors for up to 250 users, or up to 500 when paired. Compatible with the PAC Oneprox reader range, Easikey 250 is a cost effective solution suitable for small scale applications such as tenanted buildings and small commercial offices, providing easy to manage access control.


iPAC is set to revolutionise access control and key management for the residential, small commercial and light industrial markets with its innovative new features. Designed around the practical needs of installers, and end-users, the iPAC is an all-in-one access controller, proximity reader, and administration software solution.

The new iPAC controller is a true 'out of the box' solution. Utilising the very latest technology, powerful configuration software and OneProxTM administration reader, it allows you to add new users, keys and profiles in minutes. iPAC is the ideal solution to applications with between 2 and 16 doors requiring multiple keyholder access and event monitoring.

PAC 500 series

The PAC 500 series range of controllers have been specifically development to take full advantage of PAC's latest advanced software management tools, SecureNet and EasiNet Residential, offering industry leading performance, easy of use, and the flexibility to easily expand providing a scalable solution for even the largest applications.

PAC 512 series

The PAC 512 controls all aspects of two secure doors, with up to two card readers installed as entry and exit readers on each door. This includes support for a door strike to lock and unlock the door and a door contact to detect the doors position.

Each door also has a programmable auxiliary input that may be used for alarm system integration, and an auxiliary output that enables a buzzer or strobe when security is breached or a door is left open. Each controller has a tamper input, which enables the monitoring of a cabinet door, and an override input that will release both doors.

PAC 530 series

The PAC 530 Output Controller is an integral part of the SecureNet system providing the system with the ability to control specified area sounders, alarm resets and other devices installed on the system. Connection to the server is established using standard alarm or CAT5 cable using secure RS-485 communications.

The output controller is able to be used to control an elevator system for example, up to 12 floors, and configure access to individual floors in conjunction with the access and alarm server and two-door access controllers.

PAC 520 series

The PAC 520 Input Controller supports the SecureNet system by providing information on specified alarm points in monitored areas. It uses CAT5 or standard alarm cable to connect to the access and alarm server using RS-485 communications.

By using PAC's unique One-Touch testing mode for installation testing a PC is not required and programming is simplified by removing the need for complex programming and using dip switch configuration.