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Welcome to the launch of the Door Entry Direct 'Get IN...' promotion with Comelit, for registered trade customers only.


If you're not a registered trade account customer, don't worry, it's easy to sign up, and you can begin to take advantage of great pricing and loads of incentives and offers. We've got great prizes to give away, and not only that, but we'll be offering some great kit at truly unbeatable prices. We'll change the offers regularly to keep it fresh and beneficial to your business too. So...if you see a bargain, grab it now, as tomorrow it may well have changed..!


Do take a look at some of the products we've got on offer with some serious major discounts - check the special pricing by logging into your account. There are some big big savings to be made.


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Universal audio handset






privacy function

2 button

>  2 wire easy install

>  compatible with most leading manufactures' systems

>  adjustable electronic ringtone






iKall building kits (IBK) with

Wi-Fi monitors

applies to all IBK kits



>  video with four handset options

>  1-14 way

>  2 wire easy install

>  Wi-Fi option for phone app

>  nameplate with LED lighting

>  everything in one box



Mini handsfree Wi-Fi monitor





>  colour monitor

>  4.3 inch display

>  sensitive touch technology

>  Wi-Fi

>  compatible with Comelit app











Stand alone proximity kit with DC260, PSU and 10 fobs




includes | proximity reader, access control unit, power supply and 10 fobs

everything in one box

industry busting prices







Quadra mini handsfree kit with Alexa




> video

> 1-4 users

>  2 wire or VIP applications

>  contemporary style in three different colour finishes (coloured face plates sold separately)

all in one box





vandal resistance panels






Vandal resistant engravable iKall audio panels



>  BS316 marine grade stainless steel panel

>  flush or surface mounting

> 1-55 buttons or digital

>  proximity or keyboard

>  stainless steel, brass or PanelMATCH

>  customised engraving




Vandal resistant engravable panel with 40 X 40 proximity cut out



>  BS316 marine grade stainless steel panel

>  flush or surface mounting

>  1-60 buttons or digital

>  proximity or keyboard

>  stainless steel, brass or PanelMATCH

>  customised engraving




Ultra complete video and touch entrance panel for Simplebus 2



2 wire and IP technology

compatible with all SimpleBus 2 video monitors

> 4k definition

touchscreen keypad and proximity reader










Our customers love PanelMATCH. Just imagine being able to offer a door entry panel in the colour of choice, and one that doesn't cost a fortune. That's why we created PanelMATCH. Your choice of colour and you can even specify the button and screw colours too.


Our PanelMATCH colouring system can be easily matched to all the professional colour systems. We can add colour to virtually any panel you like. Contact us for further details.









Surface / flush stainless steel touch free exit button



>  surface and flush mount

>  touch free

>  LED indicator

>  incredible value




Green resettable emergency break glass (2 pole)



>  2 pole

protective cover to prevent accidental use

unbeatable price



Reversible short or long ANSI electric strike 12v DC

ANSI-12-2 / ANSI-12-L



>  fail locked or fail safe at the side of the screw

>  long and short faceplate options

>  12v and 24v DC version









Lock packs

mini maglock, brackets, ote, break glass and ptu




>  locking pack

includes push to exit buton, door release, mini mag lock, Z and L brackets and power supply





Oneprox GS3-LF vandal resistant reader




>  operate with most controllers ad modules that use a Wiegand protocol interface

use of different prox tokens and cards






GS3 High frequency reader





fits into a standard door entry panel

>  simple onsite configuration via built in switches for supported card formats with variable and fixed outputs. No need for programming cards or specific readers

>  reader caters for visual and hearing impaired with hi-res LEDs enhanced sound and tactile labels













Stainless steel dual height post

160mm (2 x 45 degree section)


>  loads of sizes to choose from

>  single and dual height options

unbeatable pricing











Stainless steel straight post

1400mm for bepoke panels




















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