Fermax F-4545 | Telephone Interface

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Fermax F-4545 | Telephone Interface

Fermax F-4545 | Telephone Interface

Introducing the Fermax 4545 (380N), it's a highly useful telephone interface and is installed within a door entry system. It enables communication and door opening from any landline or wireless telephone.

This telephone interface also works as a telephone dialler to divert the call from the entry system, through the telephone line to a programmed telephone number.

The Fermax 4545 telephone Interface works for analogic 4+N and VDS installations and accepts different configurations and working modes.

4+N System, Single Call mode only (SCM)

In this mode, the interface works with the analogic street panel system where the call is generated via a single cable. The interface acts as a telephone terminal that responds to a single call from the street panels.

VDS System, Single Call mode (SCM) or Multiple Call mode (MCM)

In this mode, the interface works with the VDS system, where it performs the call via a command. VDS has the option to work in two different operating modes:

  • Single Call (SCM). The interface acts as a telephone terminal that responds to a single call from the entry panels.
  • Multiple Call (MCM). The interface acts as a gateway between the VDS system and a telephone system (telephone switchboard or a telephone line), converting the VDS calls to telephone numbers, that is, multi-calling, to make different calls to different extensions or telephones relative to the VDS call generated on the entry panel. This way you can make calls to different extensions in an office from the entry panel.


  • Audio level settings from the phone.
  • The chance of changing the conversation mode to half-duplex or simplex mode dynamically.
  • Remote access from an external line (protected by a PIN code), to all functions available to internal telephones: activation of the relay, programming, connection to the street panel, door open....etc.
  • Call forward. If there is no response from the internal telephones, it is forwarded to a second telephone when the first one does not answer.
  • Configurable time parameters.
  • Compatible with advanced telephone services (the use of * and #).
  • The use of pause in the external call number.
  • External signal of forward mode (open collector output).
  • DIN-10 rail format for easy installation inside an electrical equipment box, or can can be screwed directly onto the wall.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Temperature: -5c to +40c
  • Relative Humidity: 5-90%, without condensation
  • Consumption 12Vac (4+N): Standby: 60mA, Maximum: 400mA
  • Consumption 12Vdc (4+N): Standby: 125mA, Maximum: 470mA
  • Consumption 18Vdc (VDS): Standby: 55mA Maximum: 220mA
  • DIN 10 dimensions: 175 x 90 mm x 60 mm
More Information
Brand Fermax
Product Type Interface
Cabling Fermax Audio 4 + n cabling
System Type Audio
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