Fermax F-2426 | 4/W ISO Audio Decoder

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Fermax F-2426 | 4/W ISO Audio Decoder

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Fermax F-2426 | 4/W ISO Audio Decoder

When a call is made from an outdoor panel, the MDS address corresponding to the house dialled is created, so that only the decoder with an output programmed with the MDS address generated will enable communication between panel and home.

MDS Digital system: Simplified BUS installation digital audio and video door entry system that lets you manage buildings and residential complexes of unlimited size and able to integrate all the community services:

  • Audio and Video Door Entry Systems
  • Intercommunication between accesses
  • Access Control
  • Centralized and automated security

The device also requires central unit/s to manage the installation (Capacity per UC: 9999 homes, 32 accesses/guard units. Can link up to 63 UCs). Can be either general entrances or interior blocks.

MDS systems require floor Decoders to connect the homes to the installation BUS and act as insulators. Home-panel communication is private.


  • DIN-10 rail format for easy installation inside an electrical equipment box, or can can be screwed directly onto the wall
  • Telephones/monitors connected to the decoder have audio communication privacy with respect to the rest of the terminals

Technical Specifications:

  • Power supply - Audio: 12 V DC / Video: 18 V DC
  • Consumption in standby: 40 mA
  • Consumption in active audio: 100 mA
  • Requires programming
  • LED status indicator- OFF: the decoder has not yet been programmed
  • LED status indicator- ON: the decoder is in programming mode
  • LED status indicator- BLINKING: the decoder has been coded and is working
  • Test Connector: telephone connector that gives the installer the possibility to connect the handset of a standard FERMAX telephone to talk from the decoder to the outdoor panel or any other telephone connected to the decoder and check its correct operation
  • Wiring - Audio: 6-wire bus / Video: audio bus + Coaxial (video) + 2 power supply wires
  • Maximum distance in the installation depending on the cable section used (see technical manuals)


  • 175 x 90 x 60 (hwd mm - DIN 10 dimensions)

More Information
Brand Fermax
Product Type Relay (system specific)
Cabling Fermax Audio 6 wire bus cabling
System Type Audio
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