CVK - Door Entry kits

Door Entry Direct is the major distributor of these video door entry systems in the UK.

The same hands-free colour video intercom monitor is used for all Colour Video Kit (CVK) systems. There is a choice of a number of entrance panels to suit different project specifications or personal preferrence.

The colour monitor features touch sensitive buttons, full duplex communication and the intercom function. The latter becomes available when at least two monitors are connected to the same panel allowing users to speak with each other, which is a great convenience for larger properties.

You may have one or two entrance panels and one up to four monitors on your system.

There are in total five entrance panels to choose from:

  1. CVP-01-S: A tiny panel which fits discretely
  2. CVP-21-S: The new Slim series panel which fits in small spaces
  3. CVP-01-S/05: Robust panel with built-in keypad
  4. CVP-31-S: Compact entry panel with a touch sensitive call button
  5. CVP-01-F-VR: Flush mounting, vandal resistant panel

Cabling details:

  1. Distance < 25 metres 0.2 mm cross sectional area
  2. Distance < 50 metres 0.3 mm cross sectional area
  3. Distance < 70 metres 0.5 mm cross sectional area