Progeny Controllers

BSB Progeny's new range of controllers called Crystal, not only have been built to include high-level access control security features, but additionally with extremely competitive pricing and easy engineer set-up. The controllers come in one or two door variants, both with reader in / out ports, and can be configured to be connectable with Ethernet - LAN / WAN, RS485, RS232 or GPRS network topologies.

The controllers come with a full feature set of Inputs and Outputs, on-board storage for 32,000 card users and 8000 offline events, multiple card reader format compatibility, easy on-board diagnostic set-up with its onboard keyboard, and connecting with the fully featured Doors Enterprise software, Progeny's Crystal Controllers are the most powerful controllers from BSB yet.

Access control that is designed with installers and end users in mind, the new Progeny Crystal range is definitely going to be the popular choice for access control.

The range is loaded with great base features, is expandable, easy to install and being competitively priced you will definitely start seeing these all over the UK soon.


  • Ethernet controllable
  • Reads multiple reader formats
  • 8000 event offline buffer
  • Expandable to 128000 cards
  • 200 years offline data retention
  • Lifetime warranty (readers)
  • Internal or external use (readers)