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CAME Frog 230v Kit for a pair of gates


£1,340.35 Inc VAT
£1,116.96 Ex VAT£1,248.00

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Complete underground gate automation kit for a pair of large swing gates of up to 3.5 metres per leaf (230 Volt operation)

As the name implies, FROG is suited to work in damp, below ground level conditions. It is designed to automate either metal or wooden gates. In every case the pivot arm becomes the bottom hinge for the leaf.

FROG is suited to the customer who wants a reliable, long lasting gate operator, but also does not want to see any type of armature attached to the inside of the gate. Once it has been installed there is no sign of the mechanism other than the lid of the casing box which is flush to the driveway.

The irreversible gear motor firmly locks the gates, and therefore does not need an electric locking system which can malfunction. Another advantage of the irreversible gear motor is that they are very difficult to force open, providing added security against burglars. Other functions include "Pedestrian opening" allowing the opening of one leaf for limited access, and the ability to stop the operation of the gate immediately via the radio transmitter.

In the event of a power cut the FROG system has a key operated manual release mechanism which is easily accessible from both sides of the gateway.

This kit contains:

  • 2 x FROG-AE 230v A.C Motors (with Encoder)
  • 2 x FROG-BN Foundation Case
  • 2 x A4364 Release Mechanism
  • 1 x DIR-10 Pair Safety Photocells
  • 1 x ZM3E Control Panel
  • 2 x TOP-432NA Radio Remote (433,92MHz)
  • 1 x TOP-A433N Antenna
  • 1 x AF43S Frequency Card. (433,92MHz)


  • Watertight
  • Easy installation
  • Gate can be opened with key or lever in case of powercut
  • Stainless steel rustproof case
  • Operating mechanism is hidden from view

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