BPT XAS/301 | Signal Repeater For X1 System

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BPT XAS/301 | Signal Repeater For X1 System

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BPT XAS/301 | Signal Repeater For X1 System

Unit repeating audio, video and data signals for main X2, X1 and XUP lines. Enables system 300, X2, X1 and XUP systems to be extended in terms of distances and number of receivers. Besides, the power supplier XAS/301 is able to provide power to receivers directly from BUS X1 and XUP (B OUT).

The unit, created with a 12-unit module for installation on DIN rail, features 9 jumpers: SW1, SW2, SW3 for compensating the incoming line, SW4, SW5 for compensating the entire length, SW7, SW8, SW9 for compensating the total outgoing line, SW10 for the disabling of the video for systems XUP. In addition, it features two indicator LEDs for checking data transfer.


  • Connection of max. 200 handsets.
  • Connection of max. 100 monitors of which only 1 is active.
  • Connection of 2 signal boosters XDV/300A in installations X1.
  • Compensation of incoming and outgoing line capacity up to 1 km.
  • Automatic compensation of incoming video line up to -26 dB.
  • Serial connection of up to 2 XAS/301 units.
  • Parallel connection of up to 50 XAS/301 units in installations system 300, 25 XAS/301 if connected after an entry panel X2.

Technical Specifications:

  • Supply voltage: 230 V AC +-10%, 50/60Hz. The transformer is electronically protected against overloading and short circuiting i.e. no fuses are used.
  • Current demand: 45 VA.
  • Receiver power supply through BUS: 20 VDC 0.8 A (terminal block M3).
  • Compensation loss of video signal: -26 dB.
  • Maximum distance with BUS supply: 100 m between the power supplier and the last audio/monitor receiver (with cable VCM/1D).
  • Maximum distance for the connection of a locally supplied audio/ monitor receiver: 250 m.
  • Working temperature range: 0 degrees C to +35 degrees C.
  • Dimensions: 12 DIN units module, low profile

NOTE. Assure sufficient ventilation if the unit is installed in an enclosure.

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Brand BPT
Cabling BPT System X1 (2 wire)
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