BPT GB/ISC920 | Impro 2 Door Stand Alone Master Controller

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BPT GB/ISC920 | Impro 2 Door Stand Alone Master Controller

BPT GB/ISC920 | Impro 2 Door Stand Alone Master Controller

The ImproX IXP20 is a fully featured, stand-alone Access Control System supporting up to 1 000 Tagholders and 5 000 transactions. Designed for ease of use, the IXP20 System allows for the real-time monitoring and controlling of residential, as well as small and medium commercial and industrial sites.

The IXP20 Controller, built on either an ImproX iTT or iTRT Door Controller platform, allows connection of 2 readers direct to the Controller. The System is easily expanded to up to 8 Doors, all in Anti-passback (APB) Mode.

The IXP20 System offers an easy upgrade path with a simple firmware change enabling it to be included in a larger IXP System.

Housed in an ABS Plastic cabinet, the ISC920 offer a cost- effective Ethernet connection and an easy-to- use Web Interface. This model only needs an internet browser to interact with the Controller and offer the added ability to backup your entire Database to PC. The Web Interface also provides access to various Web-based Reports.

Key Features:

  • Operates at 10 to 30 V DC.
  • System support for up to 8 Doors on the RS485 Terminal Bus. Supports up to 1 000 Tagholders.
  • Support for up to 3 Tags per Tagholder.
  • Buffers up to 5 000 Transactions.
  • 2 Reader Fixed Addresses reserved for the Controller.
  • Support for up to 16 Reader Fixed Addresses (allowing for connection of up to 8 Terminals).
  • An RS485 Terminal Communications Bus allowing connection to the ImproX (iTT) Intelligent Twin Antenna Terminal and the ImproX (iTRT) Intelligent Twin Reader Terminal.
  • 3-Year Warranty on Hardware.
  • Holiday Support.
  • Daylight Savings Support.
  • Support for up to 8 Tagholder Access Groups.
  • Allows for Batch Loading of Tags.
  • User configurable Tag loading Template.

When used with a Keypad Reader System support includes:

  • Reason Codes
  • Personal Access Codes (PAC)
  • PIN-codes
  • Stores all information locally on the Controller.
  • Allows you to save the entire Database to the PC for backup and restore purposes.

Offers the following Reports:

  • Access Report
  • Status Report
  • Audit Report
  • Hours Worked Report
  • The Web Interface allows export of CSV data from the Web browser.

Interfaces to the following ImproX Readers:

  • ImproX Multi-discipline Readers. ImproX Wiegand Reader. Offers full Wiegand Support.
  • Interfaces to the ImproX IR, ImproX RF and Third-party Wiegand Readers for applications requiring extended range.
  • Peripheral read capability using the following Tags: Slim Tags, Omega Tags, Mifare Standard, Mifare Ultralite, FeliCa, Desfire, HID iClass, WriTag 128 and WriTag 2048.
  • Connection to up to two Readers or Third-party Devices per Controller, allowing Relaxed or Full Anti-passback (APB) access.

Technical Specifications:

  • Uses AES 128-bit Encryption through a Diffie Hellman key exchange to ensure secure communications.
  • A TCP/IP Bus which links the System Controller to the Host PC.
  • End of Line (EOL) Sensing on Door Open Sensor (DOS) Inputs.
  • An excellent user interface consisting of 14 LED Diagnostic Indicators
  • Two independent single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) Relay Outputs that allow you to interface to door strikes, magnetic locks and other third-party devices (for example alarm panels or lighting).
  • Four Digital Inputs including two Door Open Sensor (DOS) and two Request to Exit (RTE) Inputs.
  • Added ability to interface with Motor and Solenoid Locks.
  • A Firmware Upgrade Utility (downloadable from Web) to upgrade Firmware while installed on-site, without removal of the Controller.


  • Length 128 mm (5 in) x Width 166 mm (7 in) x Height 55 mm (2 in).
More Information
Brand Impro
Input Type Weigand 26 BIT
Reader Type Proximity (requires controller)
Reader Inputs 2 reader inputs
Door Inputs 2 door controller
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