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MEC 800 400mm Stroke Operator


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MEC 800 with 400mm Stroke Operator

The system MEC 800 is made up of a ram and a separate oil-hydraulic motor pump unit. Designed for heavy duty, automatic operations of big swinging gates of significant weight. Being oil-hydraulic, ram power is fully under control of the safety, anti-crush valve device, and reliability of operations is guaranteed. Among the advantages offered by "MEC 800" there is the possibility of fitting a second ram to get a higher power rating when particularly big gates are involved, total safety control is always guaranteed. The ram operators are available in two options, the 280 mm stroke up to three metre gate width, each gate; and the 400 mm stroke for gate leafs that are wider than three metres. A high reliability standard is ensured by the motor pump unit which makes up the system. This unit is fitted with a 0,5 HP motor, air-cooled, equipped with a capacious oil reservoir, hydraulic lobe pump and adjustable safety pressure valves to control the traction/pushing power developed by the system. A non air-cooled option is available on request; this model is made up of an oil reservoir made of extruded aluminium which houses the lobe pump, electric motor, and safety pressure valve block. A door locks up the unit for maximum security. This option is recommended for applications involving not particularly heavy gates with a limited number of operations a day. Both types are fitted with a ÙlobeÎ pump, in an oil reservoir, which controls oil displacement through a valve design system. Depending on the motor revolving direction, the gate is driven open or closed. The ram is very strong as it is made of high quality materials to ensure maximum reliability: the shaft is made of chromium-plated steel and the whole unit is protected by a cover made of anodized extruded aluminium.

The system is to be properly piped. Copper pipes are required to connect the motor pump unit to the connection block; and two high pressure hoses from the 4 way block to "MEC 800" ram in order to safely allow rotation of the gate. An enclosure made of galvanized metal can be provided to house the "motor pump unit". The door is fitted with a lock to prevent misuse. The system can work through an electronic control panel to which all the required accessories can be connected to operate the equipment such as access control devices, keyswitch etc., or safety accessories such as photocells, flashing lamp, and rubber edges either pneumatic or mechanically operated by wire switch.

The control panel is also designed to take the radio remote control receiver. Now even more reliable thanks to a "personalized transmitter". This operator is the result of thirty years' experience in gate automation systems and is able to guarantee quality and reliability that are most important when very large gates are involved, in full respect of the existing safety regulations.

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